In just a few hours, World of Warcraft will be getting its fourth expansion pack, Mists of Pandaria. To celebrate and offer a bit of insight on the current story, a few developers down in Blizzard released a video today in order to fill in any pieces of lore that players may have missed while discussing the new game.

In case you didn’t catch the ending to Cataclysm, here’s a quick recap; Thrall and the Dragon Aspects took down Deathwing with makeshift Kamehameha. After this sets the stage for the novel, Tides of War, featuring Jaina Proudmoore.  The book is roughly about how the Alliance and Horde tensions reach a breaking pointing. Battles start taking place on the high seas, producing massive amounts of warships and cruisers.

During this timeframe is when we ‘find’ Pandaria, as seen in the latest set of trailers and commercials.

You can watch the complete video below.