If there was any doubt that Transformers: Fall of Cybertron was all about fan service, the three DLC packs released for the game should eliminate any question. I had the chance to take the Dinobot Destruction DLC for a spin stomp, and while I giggled with glee as I created my prehistoric pounders and took them onto the multiplayer battlefield, it was hard to see an alignment between the cost and the content.

With the exception of single-player skins and a couple of G1-inspired weapons, all of the DLC for the game are chassis (which dictate the alternate forms of your multiplayer bots) and related customization pieces (heads, arms, legs, wheels, etc.) This pack offers up the pteranodon Swoop in the Scientist class, stegosaurus Snarl as a Destroyer, triceratops Slag (no, I will not call him “Slug”) as a Infiltrator and, of course, Dinobot leader Grimlock fills the Titan slot.

Watching these huge beasts take the field is pretty amazing if you are a fan. Crafting your own Dinobot, mixing and matching the other parts you’ve purchased or unlocked, assigning colors and giving him/her a name is a lot of fun if you are fan. In fact, my son, who can name every Dinobot, has spent quite a bit of time designing and redesigning his creations. He absolutely loves this $9.99/800msp pack because he’s a fan. No doubt, you see a theme developing here.

The unfortunate truth is that no matter how hard it was to implement these models in the game and make them play nice with the more traditional vehicle-based combatants, this content is nothing more than customization parts for the multiplayer mode. It won’t do anything to extend your play time or even provide a drastically different experience. There is no functional difference between rolling into battle looking like Megatron or stomping across Cybertron with Grimlock’s glam.

I wish there were more to say about the Dinobot Destruction DLC (especially since this might be the shortest review I’ve ever written). I wish I could tell you that it added a new scenario for Escalation or that there were new maps for the already languishing competitive multiplayer. Unfortunately, none of those things are present. There are no new powers or activated abilities. For $10, you’re getting purely cosmetic (though still gorgeous) content.

As much as I love watching the Dinobots transform (they are the best animations in the game), it’s impossible to recommend this purchase unless Fall of Cybertron is your one and only multiplayer jam. As much as I love Grimlock and company, they are better left off your hard drive and on the virtual shelves of the Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Network.

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Here’s the Rundown:

+ The Dinobots look fantastic, especially since you can trigger Grimlock’s transformation on command
+ For avid Fall of Cybertron players, this will provide some additional variety
- For everyone else, it’s a waste of money
- The prices is very high for simple customization items



1 (RIP) to 4 are varying degrees of a bad game. A 1 (RIP) being a game you would actually pay money to not play, and a 4 is something that just fails to reach even the not-so-lofty level of “mediocre.”

The “Dinobot Destruction” DLC for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron was developed by High Moon Studios and published by Activision. It was released on September 11, 2012 for $9.99/800 msp. A copy was provided by the publisher to RipTen for the purposes of review.