People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as PeTA, posted a new game on their website today to rally those to their cause. No, it wasn’t a game about how animal testing is unethical or teaching little kids about the horrible practices in puppy mills. Instead, PETA decided to attack another popular Nintendo franchise, Pokémon.

You might remember a similar mock game back in 2012 where the organization attacked Super Mario Bros. over the Tanooki fur suit claiming that Mario skinned the Japanese rodent alive and wore its fur, blood and bones still included. This time, the new ‘parody’ game has Pikachu in chains fighting for his freedom.

The opening dialog states that:

Generations of children were growing up believing that Pokémon exist for no other reasons than to be used and abused by humans…

Wait, Pokémon exists? That’s news to me.

The game starts off with two options: Treasure or Play. If you choose to play then your first fight begins with a drunk animated man holding a bottle of booze in one hand and a bloody baseball bat in the other as Pikachu battles for his life while wearing a metal chain collar. Classy.