The well known gaming web entity and uber popular YouTube channel, Machinima, laid off 10 percent of their current staff yesterday in order to shift their focus for 2013. The cuts came directly from their programming and editorial sector.

Here’s the direct quote courtesy of Polygon from Machinima Editor-in-Chief, Rob Smith:

“We’ve grown rapidly over the last couple of years and as we look to 2013 we’re looking where the business needs to be and where we need to focus our efforts and energy … As a result we were also looking at places we might have to cut.”

But, are you falling apart Rob?

“It’s not like we’re falling apart…”

The biggest slap in the face here? The company is still hiring. Fifteen new openings to be exact, and one of the openings is for a fucking recruiter to recruit more people. Are you fucking kidding me? Merry Christmas!

A total of 23 of their 200 employees were let go, some of which we here at RipTen became quite close with over the years. We wish them all the best in their next endeavor.