MMOs have a history of impressing me with their CG cinematics, and this one from the Elder Scrolls Online released today is no different. Check out the warring factions of Tamriel do their thing here:

While everything looks great, I have to note an aesthetic complaint: what’s up with the tone? When I think of Elder Scrolls, I think of a slightly goofy fantasy world where guards tease you about sweet rolls, arrows are placed in knees, and M’aiq the Liar roams the land providing false information. The series is also about forcing your avatar over the geography of the mountain, losing companions in solid objects, and glitches providing unintended humor. This trailer seems to take itself far too seriously for what Elder Scrolls actually is.

As shown in the end, beta sign ups for the game are now open, and can be done here.

Elder Scrolls Online is planned for release this year on Windows and Mac.