Don’t tease me, Ubisoft. After the shutdown of Lucas Arts and development stop on 1313, I don’t think I can take more disappointment. Thankfully, it looks like the publisher was somewhat earnest about their April Fool’s reveal of “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.” While the parody website was set up to reveal the product as a movie, the trail of clues it left behind in rating boards let everyone know that this was a game thing (most likely DLC). It seems like that’s been more fully confirmed, as leaked pictures have spread to the internet and show a neon colored world of awesomeness. Check them out here:





What’s most interesting is that last one, a screen from the first-person perspective that shows an arm done up in cyborg style, perhaps indicating that the storyline posted on the parody page of a cyborg soldier being accurate. We can only hope.

Source [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]