Yesterday Insomniac Games held a live stream event to show off part of their upcoming game FUSE.  The focus was on their cooperative wave-based mode known as “Echelon”.  Essentially it is FUSE‘s take the popular “horde mode” style of co-op game play in shooters.

Before the game started Insomniac went over some of the basics for Echelon mode.  Each match consists of 12 waves with randomized objectives which includes things such as eliminate all enemies, defend a certain position and boss fights against very large and very powerful mechs.  There will also be several maps from various locations in the game which range in size but all feature varying terrain and structures.  The map that was shown off today was located in India and featured a section with jungle cover and a second portion of concrete warehouses.

Just like the campaign in FUSE, Echelon mode can played either solo or with up to three other people.  The footage from today’s stream was all solo play but it showed how important team work was even if you are playing alone.  Constant switching between the different characters and using their unique skills was vital to beating each wave.  It became very clear how later waves in a game ratchet up the difficulty by adding new and deadly enemy types in ever increasing numbers.  Indeed the final waves looked absolutely brutal with enemy fire coming from multiple directions and even from atop buildings to push the player out of cover.  Echelon mode looks to be a very intense and challenging feature of FUSE that will also be quite enjoyable to play.

While it is really hard to say just how good or bad a game is from a live stream alone, so far everything I have seen of FUSE has made the title look like quite a bit of fun.  The visual look really nice and the game play looks solid as well.  It also helps that Insomniac has a pretty nice track record to back up its claims and add weight to their new IP.

There will be a public demo available before FUSE is released on May 28 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.