A Twitch streaming gamer by the name of Angel Hamilton, more commonly known to those who followed him as “ZillianOP,” had been conning viewers for over a year, leading them to believe he was paralyzed from the waist down. It was all an act, faked for funds.

Hamilton played and streamed games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 while raking in donations in excess of $20,000. The monetary support he received from kind-hearted gamers was used to lavish his room with various PC equipment and even provided him with the means to travel cross country to be with his partner-in-crime girlfriend – present as the female voice within his broadcasts.

Life was good for Angel and his main squeeze until a higher power apparently blocked the receptors to his “lying sack of shit” brain causing him to stand up and walk off screen while his camera was very much still rolling. In an effort to alert him to what he had just done, his equally slimy girlfriend began to babble on about taking the dog to the fish store. We can only assume this to be code for “hey dumb ass, you left the camera on when you stood up.”

Watch it all go down in the video below.

After the streaming session shown above abruptly concluded, ZillianOP and his girlfriend (Panthoria) began feverishly typing out their defense, hoping that the viewers would believe their account of what went down. According to the couple, he launched himself out of his chair to prevent their mischievous dog from “dumping water” on their wires, and then fell to the ground once gravity reminded him that he couldn’t walk.

<samsneakymode> wtf did zil just stand lol
<zilianop> -NO i fell
<zilianop> I pushed off my chair and ate it
<zilianop>Fucking dog
<zilianop>He was dumping water onmy wires
<panthoria> Angel threw himself out of his chair to grab the water
<zilianop>I need to fix myself
<zilianop>I will try and be back
<zilianop>It hurts to breathe, i hit my side on the corner of the desk
<holycheeks> Poor zil
<drediex> u need a medic?
<panthoria> He’s going to lay down
<panthoria> If he is still hurt in the next half hour I’ll go over and check on him
<holycheeks> He might need you
<panthoria> Well lets just hope for the best :)

Of course, not all of the viewers were so gullible.

<cassettex> is he walking ?
<indierokkr> Yeah he stood up and walked, then the camera went off.

There’s a slew of additional information available over at Diablowned that further documents this incident, as well as several others. It is perhaps being used as a means to illustrate how dishonest he and his girlfriend truly are.

"Oh my god, we took our dog to the fish shop today...he took a leak on my lap!"

“Oh my god, we took our dog to the fish shop today…he took a leak on my lap!”

“Bonnie and Stride” won’t be robbing anyone else of their hard earned cash (at least not  through Twitch) because their channel is now closed “due to terms of service violations.”

Here’s to hoping that those who did donate towards his fraudulent cause find a way to extract their pound of flesh from his ground walking legs.