Many believe that Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox One, is forcing the future of technology. There is no better way to counter that perception than by putting their product into the hands of those who openly embrace the past.

If we can Fitch the Homeless we can certainly Xbox the Amish, and if they find use for the Xbox One, maybe we’re all just over reacting.








All jokes aside, I’ve got both consoles on pre-order and am waiting to see how Microsoft plans to address the continued outcry if it in fact carries over and affects their sales in November when the Xbox One hits stores.

The Xbox One launch line up seems strong, and at this point, Microsoft is willing to lean on that. Detractors have noted that some of their biggest titles are not exclusive to consoles, meaning they can be had on the PC if you don’t mind waiting.

Sony is clearly in the lead right now, at the very least in the court of public perception, but things can change over the next few months as more information is announced and people get more of a taste for the launch line up plans.

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