Has Mario shrunk, or has the Pikmin grown?
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Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis Wii remakes dated

…in more ways than one. Nintendo Everything report that New Play Control! Pikmin and New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis more…

The Zone of Killing.
First Person Shooter, News, PlayStation 3, Sony
Killzone 2 PS3 Bundle announced for UK

ThreeSpeech reports that Sony are releasing a Killzone 2 PS3 bundle in the UK, priced at £299.99. That’s about $418 at the more…

Om Nom Nom indeed.
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Wipeout Pulse coming to PS2, Fat Princess out in March

Video Games Blogger reports that Sony Computer Entertainment Benelux (In case you don’t know, that’s Belgium, Netherlands, more…

ModDB Mod of the year
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Mod DB’s Top 100 mods of 2008

2 weeks and 58,736 votes ago, community modding site Mod DB began voting on the best 100 mods from the year. The votes are more…

That's one huge flower.
Study: Violence doesn’t affect enjoyment of a game

Researchers at the University of Rochester have surveyed 2,670 frequent game players, as well and over 300 undergraduates, more…

Hodouken!? Fine thanks.
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Street Fighter IV “Trial mode” details

The Escapist reports that Street Fighter IV, Capcom’s latest addition to the legendary franchise, will feature an extensive more…

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Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 3 footage

Hot out of Free Radical’s open wound, Kotaku have found a goldmine of Star Wars Battlefront 3 footage, a game which the more…

Left 4 Dead
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Left 4 Dead patch released, Steam now supports in-game web browsing

Steam news has details of a huge Left 4 Dead PC patch, available now to all Steam users. The patch has a lot of bug fixes, as more…

First Person Shooter, Horror, PC, Video, Xbox 360
Eminem’s sound advice for Left 4 Dead players

Eminem seems to be getting in on Soulja Boy’s music and videogaming status in this clip. In the video (probably NSFW audio), more…

Lend me your ears!
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Western Resident Evil 5 demo release dates

Destructoid and PS3 Fanboy, combine! Together, they report that the English demo for Capcom’s zombie shooter Resident Evil 5 more…

GTA4. Well, sort of.
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Rumour: New GTA in 2009? [Updated: No.]

PSU have posted up an intriguing rumour concerning Rockstar’s blockbuster GTA franchise. The site claims that the latest more…

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Street Fighter IV Ultra Move compilation

Street Fighter IV is getting closer and closer to release, and is becoming more desirable at a similar rate. It’s more…

Oooh, snazzy.
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Fallout 3 DLC releases January 27, patch out now

Shacknews reports that Fallout 3’s first downloadable content pack will be available on 27 January. Operation: Anchorage (the more…

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CES Stage Presentation of inFamous features electricity and awesomeness

I nearly featured the word “shockingly” in the title of this post. Nearly. Just count yourself lucky that I didn’t. more…

I made a funny pun! Huzzah!
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Tony Hawk developer Neversoft is no longer Tony Hawk developer

Joel Jewett, founder of Neversoft, has told Great Falls Tribunal that his company will be dropping the Tony Hawk series in more…