No 3DS Crapware
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Nintendo 3DS Relies on Developer Integrity

I’m excited about the 3DS. The system shows a lot of promise. 3D graphics, a gyroscope, touch screen, dual screen layout, and more…

Dragon Age 2 Announced
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Bioware Teases Dragon Age 2

Tomorrow could be a big day for Bioware, the publisher of Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age: Origins. more…

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Ripten Review: Moonbase Alpha, NASA Launches Into The Steam-o-sphere (PC)

What kid didn’t want to be an astronaut at some point growing up? NASA sets out to bring that dream to life with Moonbase more…

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4th of July Music Game Sale on Xbox Live

Been eying a track for your favorite music game, but thought the price was a little steep? Now’s your chance to get a big more…

hawaiian dream dlc
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Hawaiian Dream DLC Coming to Skate 3 July 6, Costs $7

Just can’t get enough of Skate 3? Have no fear, DLC is here to help. The “Hawaiian Dream” DLC that we reported on last more…

onlive console and controller
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OnLive Offering Everything 30% off

I’m a compulsive game buyer. Every time my local GameStop has a buy one get one sale, they are guaranteed to sell me a couple more…

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Nintendo 3DS, PS3 3D – Why Do We Want 3D?

Increasingly in the world of entertainment, 3D is everywhere. What used to show up as a gimmick to sell tickets to an more…

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Team Fortress 2 Comic Reveals Updates for Engineer

Online team-based shooters don’t need a story, right? I mean, who plays Team Fortress 2 for the story? Apparently, more more…

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In a Nutshell: The Last Airbender Review (Film)

I hate M. Night Shyamalan right now. Can’t stand the guy. The reason? The Last Airbender. Never again will I watch anything more…

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Android Phone Gets Customizable Super Mario Bros. Wallpaper

The Android operating system is definitely made for geeks, by geeks. And here’s the proof: a Mario Live Wallpaper, created by more…

steve jobs
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iPhone 4 Already Sold Out

No wonder Apple CEO Steve Jobs is smiling; the iPhone 4 launched just 3 days ago, and already it’s sold 1.7 million phones. more…

pizza cone
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PizzaCone: Perfect Snack For Gamers On The Run

What gamer doesn’t like pizza? It’s been a staple at LAN parties and Halo Tournaments since…well forever, really. It’s even more…

RRoD Target
Target Store Logo Red Rings (Image)

I now know where I’m NOT going to be buying an Xbox 360. This Target is giving off a more-than-subtle hint to any gamer worth more…

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TrueAchievements Tracks Achievements for Real Gamers

If you’re a stats person like me, your GamerScore is pretty important. I’m always comparing myself against my friends and more…

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Why Nintendo’s 3DS Will Price Sub $199

It’s my opinion that Nintendo’s biggest competitor in the handheld market is not Sony with the PSP, it’s Apple and their more…