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RipTen Hardware Review: Razer Onza Tournament Edition

I’m a PC gamer through and through, heck, in Winter my house is practically heated by my supercomputer, however from time to more…

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Robin Officially Announced as Playable Character in Arkham City

I was never a big fan of Robin, both in the film and comic series of Batman, so although this news doesn’t phase me in the more…

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These New and Awesome Battlefield 3 Screens Will Get You Hype

Battlefield 3 looks fucking amazing. There, I said it. The team over at DICE seems to be making one of the most visually more…

Call of Duty: Black Ops
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CoD: Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack Trailer and Screenshots

Looking for a media blowout on the just announced Annihilation pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops? Well look no more…

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E3 2011: ArmA III – All Other Military Simulators Need Not Apply

Although it was only announced in the past few months, ArmA III is definitely at the top of my most wanted list when it comes more…

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Crysis 2 Decimation Map Pack Hits Online Stores

If you’re still playing the forgotten shooter Crysis 2, you’ll be happy to know that EA has continued their post-launch content more…

Crysis 2
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Report: EA Pulls Crysis 2 From Steam to Make it Origin Exclusive – EA Denies Claims, Says Valve is to Blame

EA has begun the aggressive marketing of their new “Origin” digital distribution marketplace, with the removal of Crysis 2 more…

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EA Says Mirrors Edge 2 With Frostbite 2.0 “Could Happen”

Mirrors Edge was a great game, there’s no denying that, however it wasn’t good enough to instantly warrant a sequel, and the more…

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E3 2011: Hands On End of Nations – The Game the RTS Genre Needs So Badly

For those RTS fans out there, it’s a basically well accepted fact that the genre has become inadvertently stale. Build a more…

RipTen Presents the Stuck in the Middle of Somewhere Podcast – Episode 33

While the RipTen podcasts are on hiatus, why not check out our friends Joel Gardiner (fps_Doug) and Derek Sweet as they break more…

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CCP Says Sony Offers ‘Fidelity’ That Microsoft Can’t for Dust 514

During a Dust 514 preview event I attended at E3 yesterday, the topic of Playstation 3 exclusivity arose, and it was more…

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E3 2011: Halo Anniversary Impressions

Although it was only officially shown and announced at Microsofts initial press conference on Monday, Halo Anniversary is one more…

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E3 2011: Torchlight II – The Biggest and Best Dungeon Crawler Since Diablo – Hands On

I’m not scared to admit the fact that I loved Torchlight simply because of how amazing and great the original Diablo more…

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E3 2011: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Hands On Impressions

With Future Soldier being in existence for well over a year, it’s about damn time that we finally got some hands on time more…

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Chris Taylors’ Kings and Castles on Indefinite Hold Pending Success of AoE: Online

For those of you RTS fans out there (me included), the announcement a while back of Kings and Castles being put on hold was more…