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New Xbox 360 Avatar Mythical Pets

To go along with basically every other possible item on the Xbox 360 Avatar Gear Marketplace, you can now own your very more…

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Kane and Lynch 2 Demo Coming July 1st

Upcoming co-operative 3rd person shooter Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days will be getting an Xbox 360 Time Exclusive Demo on July more…

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Microsoft Responds to “Dot of Death” Xbox 360 S Claims

With claims the new and improved Xbox 360 S is still as prone to dying over overheating as the original, it would have only more…

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Modern Warfare 2 Hotline, Infinity Ward Operators Are NOT Standing By

Every gamer at some point has cursed at their television set or computer monitor as they play a Call of Duty title. Every gamer more…

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Double Fine Hiring For Brutal Legend 2?

Following the generally positive feedback from Brutal Legend, and an average review score of 82% , Double Fine is now more…

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Super Mario Bros. Crossover Now With Ryu Hayabusa

Have you ever thought while playing Mario how much easier it would be if you could just ninja star your way through every more…

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Capcom vs iPhone: New Wallpaper Video Game Art

At first you probably thought this was another Fighting game versus Fighting game spin off, then your mind caught up with your more…

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$1400 Ryu Action Figure Up For Auction On eBay

Lets say hypothetically you have $1,400 (USD) laying around and you want to spend it. Firstly I would suggest you donate it to us more…

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ArmA 2 Patch 1.07 is Live

Popular Military Simulator ArmA 2 has recieved it’s 3rd patch since launch in the form of Patch 1.07. Featuring an abundance of more…

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New Crysis 2 Trailer Will Explode Your Mind and Scramble Your Vision

More footage of Crysis 2 has surfaced, and this time it’s full of explosions, broken images, and The Pinger. Yes, The Pinger more…

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More Homefront Screenshots Then You Can Poke a Wartorn Country At

Did you like my fancy word play in the article title, did you!? Well if you didn’t, let these awesome screenshots wash the bad more…

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Ripten Review: Dogfighter (PC)

Like it’s aerial brethren Altitude, Dogfighter is a plane based combat game with a heavy emphasis on Multiplayer over a more…

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THQ Announces New Darksiders Merchandise

It is no secret that Riptens very own Chad Lakkis has a deep seated love interest with Darksiders, and that being said I am more…

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Three New Meaty Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Screenshots

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine has been in existence for quite some time now. There’s a trailer, some very basic gameplay more…

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Iwata: Past hits are exactly that.

Satoru Iwata, President of gaming juggernaut Nintendo has said during an interview with Venture Beat that the lack of game more…