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ArmA 3 Announced with Screenshots and Info

Talk about the best gaming based news I could wake up to! Following the awesome ‘hacking’ series of events over at the BIS more…

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Deaf Gamer is First and Only Person to Hit Level 100 in Gears of War 3 Beta

Having sunk hours into the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta throughout it’s month long duration, I was starting to get burnt more…

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Nvidia Officially Announces the GTX 560 – High Performance, Low Cost

Looking to get into some hardcore PC gaming yet don’t want to mortgage your house off to do so? Well nVidia has the answer more…

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Nvidia Launches New 275.20 Beta Drivers

Looking for a boost of performance in your PC gaming? Well the new Nvidia 275.20 drivers are set to offer exactly that, more…

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Gears of War 3 Limited and Epic Editions Detailed

If you’re a die hard fan of the Gears of War series you no doubt have been waiting with open ears and eyes for any and all more…

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Bloody New Dead Island Screenshots

Deep Silver, the developers of upcoming and hype generating zombie survivial title ‘Dead Island’, have just released five new more…

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PES 2012 Announced With New Gameplay and Developer Trailer

The latest entry into the long running PES franchise has just been announced and appears to be setting its sights on an more…

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The Best Minecraft Creation Your Eyes Will Ever See – ‘Ghibli World’

Now I’m no stranger to wonderful creations being made in Minecraft – I’ve smashed the walls of countless mountains with my more…

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Six New (And Bizarre) Screenshots for Shadows of The Damned

Looking for your daily dose of messed up shit? Well look no further as RipTen has six screenshots of the twisted looking more…

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Potential Hitman: Absolution Box Art Images Revealed

A marketing survey for the just announced Hitman: Absolution has shown participants three possible examples of cover art for more…

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First Gameplay of Silent Hill: Downpour Falls from the Sky

The eighth title in the Silent Hill franchise is steadily approaching its rumored late 2011 release and the first gameplay more…

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God of War Portable Collection Coming to PS3 in July?

If you’re a fan of the God of War titles on the Playstation Portable, you will soon be able to enjoy them in HD and on the more…

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Get 12 Months of Xbox LIVE Gold for $39.99

Looking to renew your Xbox 360 membership subscription yet not really keen to pay a premium price to do so? Well check out more…

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PSN Online Functionality Beginning to Return

One of the biggest shitstorms in gaming history appears to be coming to an end, with Kaz Hirai just announcing that the more…

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Three New Modern Warfare 3 Teaser Trailers Explode Onto The Scene

If you were around RipTen earlier on you would’ve noticed an official teaser trailer for the recently announced Modern more…