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PS3 and PSP Sales Up 30 Percent, But Will Manufacturing Shortages Follow?

Sony’s CEO Jack Tretton recently gave news that PSP and Playstation 3 sales are up 30% from their projected targets. While more…

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Tetris Playing Robot Table

A video featuring a mechanical Tetris playing robot table has just hit the internet. In the video the rig features an NES more…

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Sony Cuts PS3 Manufacturing Costs In Half

According to BusinessWeek Sony has cut manufacturing costs of the PS3 by half: making the current cost $400 instead of the more…

Study Suggests Videogames Work Better Than Medication For Chronic Pain

According to Canadian physicians, videogames can be more effective than drugs alone for people who suffer from chronic pain. more…

Conan O’Brien RockBand Skit – Hurry Back Writers!

Due to the recent Writers Guild strike, the staff of Late Night with Conan O’Brien have been lazing around playing RockBand more…

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Psyclone Wii Recharge Stations Break Wii-Motes

Complaints have started to hit the internet en mass regarding the Psyclone Wii-Mote charger. Claims range from the unit more…

Plasma Grenades For Sale On eBay

Replica plasma grenades are now available on Ebay, thanks to a little handy work by worldwidewebbs. The Ebay user is more…

Chinese Teen Blames WoW After Fight with Classmate Ends in Flames

After losing a fight in school, a 17 year old boy in Beijing covered his classmate with gasoline and lit him on fire. more…

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Ripten Holiday Guide – PC Edition

The PC gamer is probably the hardest person to shop for. We are a well informed and well connected bunch. If it’s out, we more…

Video Games Will Never Be Timeless, Akin To Classic Cinema Or Literature

It’s only natural to feel a strong nostalgic resonance with a piece of artwork. Look at literary works such as Huckleberry more…

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Playstation Network Cards Confirmed For US In 2008

Want a stocking stuffer for that Playstation owner that seems to have everything? Well you can’t get them a PSN pre paid more…

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Overclocked PSP: Sony Handheld To Get Better Graphics & Burn More Battery

Chris Kohler over at Wired reported today that Sony has allowed developers to overclock the PSP to run at 333mhz, instead of more…

Sparsely Placed Save Points Are the Death of Modern Games

Three hours of work, and it didn’t save my game! Save points are truly a spear in the side of any modern gamer. It’s 2007, more…

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Wrath of the Lich King Alpha Hacked, Leaked Video

Nine million people can’t be wrong. How many times have you heard that one? Well if nine million people each shell out an more…

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Sony Brings The PAIN, New In Game Advertising Model

For all the masochistic gamers with a love for PAIN, comes the news that Sony will be adding in game advertisements to its more…