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RipTen Review: Resistance 3 (PS3)

Having never played Resistance 1 or 2, I didn’t really know what to expect when I popped Resistance 3 into my girlfriend’s more…

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Konami Drops More Details on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Snake…? Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAKE… …is getting a HD facelift.  As you already know, Konami intends on bringing old more…

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2K Games Announces Civilization V GOTY Edition

Welcome back, my son! I’ve missed you! No, really. You’ve probably kept Civilization V sitting on your shelf for ages now, more…

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RipTen Review: Splinter Cell HD Collection (PS3)

My feelings for HD video game “remakes” (really a term that has to be used loosely in this context) run lukewarm. On one more…

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ships 2 Million Units

Deus Ex: Human Revolution had a pretty damn big launch. There were fears that since the last Deus Ex title to see the light more…

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Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Beta Will Be Open For All PSN Users

If you’ve been itching to be a part of the Ass Creed Revelations multiplayer, but weren’t a PSN Plus or Uplay member, here’s more…

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Madden NFL ’12 Kicks Off With 1.4 Million Sales in Week One

Unsurprisingly, Madden NFL ’12 has done well in its kickoff, because nothing sells like hotcakes in Amurica like guns and more…

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Dead Nation DLC ‘Road of Devastation’ Announced

Nowadays, making a zombie-themed game is a sure way to success, given modern society’s strange obsession with dead things. more…

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Steam Trading Out of Beta, Now Available for Spiral Knights and Portal

A while back, Valve introduced the Steam Trading service beta to Team Fortress 2 so that people can trade items amongst each more…

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Geeked Out: Dragon Age Charms, Coasters, and Swords… OH MY!

Epic Weapons, the purveyor of a fine video game fan goods, has a line of Dragon Age II weapon replicas, as well as more…

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Team Bondi Packs It Up

Success really does have its downfalls, and Team Bondi is experiencing every single one of them. Since the release of L.A. more…

MW3 Multiplayer
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These Are The Big Changes Being Made To Modern Warfare 3’s Multiplayer

  Let’s be honest. Nobody buys and plays any Call of Duty game just for the single player, no matter how riveting the more…

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Serious Sam 3 Wants You To Stop Being Such a F***ing P*ssy

Serious Sam makes his glorious return in October this year, but are gamers ready for Serious Sam? Gamers used to more…

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More Dark Souls In Prologue Video Part 2

NAMCO BANDAI has released the second part of the Dark Souls prologue videos to tease the upcoming dungeon crawler RPG. As more…

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The New Default FemShep for Mass Effect 3 is a Red Head

Last month, following Comic Con, Bioware asked Mass Effect fans to vote for the face of the new default Femshep after more…