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The Most Patriotic Video Game of All Time Never Came Out in America

Who would have thought that the most patriotic American video game of all time would only be released in Japan?  Well, that more…

last story
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Sakaguchi Says the American Reception of The Last Story Will Determine Mistwalker’s Next Project

It’s been a long time coming but Hironobu Sakaguchi’s latest JRPG epic is finally making its way to North America. This more…

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The Making of “Enter the Metro” Makes Us Long for a Full Length Feature Film

If you’re one of the many who saw THQ’s live action short film, “Enter the Metro” and found it simply stunning – you’re not more…

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RipTen Review: The Razer Blade

PC Gaming is not dead, but that has nothing to do with the Razer Blade. The phrase above has come to both haunt and more…

Francis Diablo
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Francis Loses His Level 60 Hardcore Monk, Also His Shit

Oh Francis.  Will you ever learn that nerd rage is not the answer?  You spent so long just trying to log into Diablo III – more…

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Stuff That Never Gets Old: Super Meat Boy vs. Tupac

In case you missed this gem when we published a story about it last year, what you are about to witness is perhaps the more…

Skyrim Horseback Dragon Kill
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Skyrim 1.6: Killing a Dragon on Horseback is Much Harder Than it Looks

Earlier we reported that mounted combat was coming to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in version 1.6.  To go along with that more…

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Mounted Combat Coming to Skyrim 1.6 – Watch it in Action Now!

One of the features most requested by fans of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been the addition of mounted combat to the more…

Diablo III Header
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Diablo III 24 Hour Livestream Raises $666 For Charity and Justice!

On Monday afternoon I drove up to Irvine, CA to join RipTen’s Steph Gutowski, Cat Cai, and more than 2,000 faithful Blizzard more…

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This is How You Fly a Boat in Battlefield 3

YouTube user Birgirpall (don’t try to pronounce it) has become something of a legend the past few months.  Rising to fame more…

Adam Jensen
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Stuff That Never Gets Old: Adam Jensen Walks Into a Bar

There are some skills in Deus Ex: Human Revolution that are just plain unnecessary. The game clearly rewards you for more…

Zelda Covers 1960
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Because Two Amazing Zelda Covers Are Always Better Than One

You know you’re subscribed to the right people on YouTube when two of them come out with awesome covers of music from The more…

Black Ops 2
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This is Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Reveal Trailer)

You’ve waited long enough: The future is black – Black Ops is more…

Skyrim DLC
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Skyrim DLC Hinted At in Latest Game Files, Includes Snow Elves & Crossbows

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding potential Skyrim DLC.  People have said that Bethesda will implement more…

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Freddie Wong Goes Mad as the Dovahkiin in New Live Action Skyrim Vid

Think you’ve seen enough live action Skyrim vids?  Think again. The one and only Freddie Wong has finally made one, and more…