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Watch Dovahkiin Put an End to the “Arrow to the Knee” Meme

When it comes to beating dead horses, I know a thing or two.  Hell, I kept that dicktits joke going from Bulletstorm for more…

BF4 co op
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FreddieW Shows Off Battlefield 4 Co-Op

Are games getting too realistic?  Not if Freddie Wong has anything to say about it. While Freddie and Brandon were out more…

Serious Santa
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Watch Serious Sam Blow Up Your Christmas

It’s no secret that Serious Sam likes to blow shit up.  Well, Christmas time is no exception.  With the latest update to more…

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New PlanetSide 2 Video Talks Empire Design

Planetside 2 has been a log time coming, but SoE is hard at work making sure the project lives up to all the hype. Today, more…

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Amazing Minecraft Time-Lapse Video Will Make You Question Reality

What happens when you get a team of dedicated Minecraft builders together and have them work for 16 hours straight?  You get more…

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New Nvidia Beta Drivers Offer 25% Skyrim Performance Upgrade

Got an Nvidia GPU?  Want to get more out of Skyrim?  Well rejoice, new beta drivers have just been released and they more…

Spec Ops
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Finally, Some New Spec Ops: The Line Gameplay

Spec Ops: The Line is finally on the way, and finally we’ve got some new gameplay to show you. I could have sworn more…

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New Risen 2 “Making Of” Video Talks Factions

Risen 2 is coming along swimmingly.  Get it?  It’s a pirate RPG.  Swimmingly?  Nevermind. Anyway, the team at Piranha more…

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X-Play’s 2011 “Year In Games” Mega-Trailer Is Full Of Awesome Memories

2011 was a pretty sweet year for video games.  In case you’ve forgotten just how awesome it was, the folks over at X-Play more…

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Sweet Battlefield 3 Jet Stunt Videos Take You To The Danger Zone

A few days ago we reported that there was an, “Only in Battlefield 3” contest being held by EA and DICE. The grand prize more…

Oblivion Guard
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The Oblivion Guard Takes An Arrow to the Meme

Oblivion didn’t have that many voice actors.  Luckily for Wes Johnson, that makes his voice rather recognizable.  I mean, more…

Deckard Cain Elder
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Did You Know Diablo’s Deckard Cain Is A Kid From South Dakota?

Greetings friend.  Stay awhile and listen to this tale. Back in the early 90’s, Blizzard held a very vague contest for an more…

Chief 4 Dead
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Awesome Left 4 Dead Fan Film Features Way Too Many Cameos

Fan films come in all shapes and sizes.  Large, small, dead and undead. This latest fan film by Northern Five productions more…

BF3 Commercial
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New Battlefield 3 Commercial Is The Best Yet

When EA wants a trailer made for some silly racing game, they go to Michael Bay.  However, when EA wants a sweet ass TV more…

Nolan North
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That Nolan North Skit from the IGAs Was Hilarious

Most people don’t associate Nolan North with funny.  Most people associate him with his numerous video game voice roles more…