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New Twisted Metal Trailer Gets Grimm

Mr. Grimm.  A tortured soul, a tortured past, a broken man, he’s got a plan. Fear the reaper on February 14th, more…

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Learn More About The Combat in Reckoning With This New Trailer

What sets Reckoning apart from other open world fantasy RPGs is its combat.  It’s brutal, visceral and awesome. Big Huge more…

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New Syndicate Trailer Shows Off Your Agent’s Tech

Hungry for more knowledge on the abilities you can use in Syndicate, agent? Well, look no further than this latest more…

Skyrim Online
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Skyrim Online Mod Lets You See and Chat With Other Players In Real Time

Wow.  That was fast. A new mod has been released on the Skyrim Nexus which allows you to see other players (so far only more…

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RipTen Review: Serious Sam 3: BFE (PC)

Serious Sam 3 is a dumb game.  However, I mean that in the best possible way. You see, one does not need a brain in order more…

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Skyrim Ships 10 Million, Is Fastest Selling Game in Steam History

Yep.  10 million physical copies shipped and the fastest selling game in the history of Steam.  Wow. Here’s what more…

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Make the Best Battlefield 3 Video and Win a Trip to Sweden to Play With DICE!

Are you the best around?  Is nothing ever gonna bring you down?  … do you have what it takes to make a Battlefield 3 more…

Anomaly Warzone Earth - Xbox screenshot 05
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Anomaly: Warzone Earth Finally Coming to XBLA in 2012 (Yay)

11 Bit studios critically acclaimed “Tower Offense” game Anomaly: Warzone Earth is finally coming to XBLA next spring.  How more…

Ninja Gaiden 1
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Ninja Gaiden 3 Release Date and Collector’s Edition Details

Those of you eagerly awaiting Ryu Hayabusa’s next adventure need only wait a few more months as Tecmo Koei has announced that more…

Master Grief
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Master Chief is Kind of a Dick in Freddie Wong’s Latest Video

You know who’s a dick?  That Master Chief guy. Don’t believe me?  Then check out Freddie Wong’s latest video more…

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Obsidian Confirms 5th South Park RPG Class is “The Jew”

As a Jew who loves South Park, role playing games and Obsidian Entertainment.  I must say that I am outraged… that this more…

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Hideo Kojima Says He Would Have Made Metal Gear Rising Slower and More “Bushido”

Not much was known about Metal Gear Solid: Rising (now Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) until now. The fast paced 3rd more…

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The Best Battlefield 3 Kill Ever

When the world is on the line, when there is no one left to call, if you can find them… you can hire – The Zook more…

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The Full List of VGA 2011 Winners

There’s a good chance you caught some of the Spike TV video game awards on Saturday night. However, there’s also a good more…

Death Darksiders
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Death Lives in Darksiders II (Trailer)

If there’s one thing that gets RipTen founder Chad Lakkis excited about video games besides Gears and Madden, it’s more…