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The Sickest Game I Saw At The GDC Will Be Playable at PAX East!!

First of all, yes – I’m talking about The Darkness II.  Sure, I just got done telling you all about my hands-off, eyes-on more…

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The Darkness II: If You Can Think It, You Can Do It

It goes without saying, even though I’m about to say it, that The Darkness II was my favorite game at the GDC… and I didn’t more…

Crysis Comparo
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Behold This Crysis 2: PC vs. Xbox 360 Side by Side Video Comparison

Yes, I am well aware that the PC version of Crysis 2 is undoubtedly the superior one visually. However, when you put the two more…

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GDC11: Epic Games Next Gen Tech Demo Is Mighty Impressive (Video)

Last week at the GDC, Epic Games showed off the improvements they had made to their Unreal Engine.  Luckily for us, someone more…

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GDC11 Preview: Risen 2 – It’s an Open World Pirate RPG. Yarrrr!!

I’ll admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of Risen.  While it wasn’t a bad game, it had left me with an overall feeling of, more…

Hipster Zombies
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Cliffy B Says The Hipster Zombie Apocalypse Is Coming… And It Smells

There were a ton of great stories I could have written about Cliff Bleszinski’s panel at the GDC.  His speech was hilarious more…

Alice GDC
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Madness Returns in Alice’s New Gameplay Trailer

Didn’t think anyone could do a darker Alice than Tim Burton?  Think again. EA is finally bringing forth a sequel to the more…

Kelly Freeman
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Beloved Half-Life Sound Designer, Face of Gordon Freeman Has Left Valve

Before you go any further, I highly recommend that you listen to this song while you read this story: In a bit of more…

TR HD Comparo 1
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These Tomb Raider Trilogy PS2 / PS3 HD Comparison Screens Look Marvelous

Nicely done, Crystal Dynamics.  It looks as if the Tomb Raider HD trilogy is definitely lookin’ good.  If there’s one thing more…

Bungie Header
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Bungie Not Actually Making an MMO – We Didn’t Get The Joke

This week at the GDC everyone was convinced (including us) that Bungie had confirmed their next game was an MMO. Well, as it more…

Bomb Squad 1
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GDC11: SOCOM 4 Brings 3rd Person Counter Strike Action To PS3

Hooyah!! Sony and Zipper Interactive have unveiled the final multiplayer mode for SOCOM 4 – and guess who got some hands-on more…

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Brink: Limitless Amounts of Customization. Endless Amounts of Awesome

Splash Damage wanted brink to be simple and intuitive, and they wanted it to be customizable.  Very customizable. Brink more…

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GDC11: Jon St. John Wants You To Play Rochard, And So Do We

I didn’t know much about Rochard before I got a chance to play it at the GDC.  All I knew was that Jon St. John was in it.  more…

Witcher Press Kit
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I Played The Witcher 2 and All I Got Was This Bad Ass Press Kit

CDProjekt sure knows how to make us reporter types happy.  The only thing we like more than videos, screens and fact sheets, more…

The Witcher 2:  Way More Fun Than My Ex-Girlfriend
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I’ve Played The Witcher 2 – It Was Like F**king a Succubus

Now, I know what you’re saying.  “Dave, what could you possibly know about fucking a succubus!?”  Well, if you’re to ask me more…