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Gran Turismo 5 PSP Connectivity Details

In a few days (cross your fingers) Gran Turismo 5 will finally be released for the PS3.  Did you know it can be linked more…

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PlayStation Network’s ‘Stock Up for Winter’ Sale’s Awesome Deals

The PlayStation Network is having their big “Stock Up for Winter Sale” right now.  Unfortunately, it is only more…

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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Glyph Location & Clusters Puzzle Guide

Having trouble With Glyph locations?  Clusters Puzzles proving to be a bit more difficult than you imagined?  If you more…

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Mass Effect 3 Outed By Sony Russia – To be at VGAs and on PS3

So much for Russian secrecy – SCEE Russia has effectively outed Mass Effect 3 via Twitter. The Tweet goes on to say more…

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Awesome PS3 Black Friday Deals

If you own or are looking for a PlayStation 3, there are some good deals coming for Black Friday.  Not just for the more…

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Sub Zero’s Ice Cold Mortal Kombat Origin Trailer

Sub Zero has long been one of everyone’s favorite Mortal Kombat characters. Hell, the dude can freeze you instantly…IN THE more…

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How to Find and Report Cheaters/Boosters in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Tired of cheaters and boosters? Are you interested in learning how to Boost?  Watch this video to learn their secrets and more…

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CoD: Black Ops Russian Roulette (Video) ***Spoilers***

***CAUTION, SPOILER ALERT*** In this clip, Bowman, Woods and Mason are deep underground in the Vietncong tunnels. more…

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Nail’d Achievement / Trophy Guide

Looking forward to some wicked off-road action with Nail’d?  You’re not alone.  For those of you looking to maximize your more…

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Awesome Call of Duty: Black Ops Videos Part 1 – Grenade to the Nuts and JFK/Nixon Scissor LoveAwe

Did I just see that!?  Yes you did.  Watch as a guy gets a grenade in the nuts and JFK and Nixon scissor for the more…

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RAGE Comes to iPhone / iPad Tomorrow

That’s right iPhone users, starting tomorrow a mobile version of RAGE will be available at the iTunes store (Android owners more…

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Homefront Release Date Confirmed for March 2011

Homefront has finally been dated and North Koreans can rejoice. The action/adventure shooter which takes place in a gloomy more…

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PS3 to Have New Movie Service ‘VUDU’ – PS Move Compatible

I’m sure you were thinking that the PlayStation 3 needed another movie streaming service.  When VUDU becomes available more…

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Fallout: New Vegas Xbox Exclusive “Dead Money” Dated for December 21st

The Xbox 360 gets it’s promised exclusive New Vegas DLC pack on December 21st. The exclusive DLC named Dead Money will more…

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DiRT 3 Details Given and Questions Answered in Developer Diary #1

If you are seeking information on the upcoming DiRT 3 game, why not get it from the developers themselves.  That’s exactly more…