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Pokémon Apokélypse: Full Live-Action HD Fan-Created Trailer

Ever imagine what Pokémon would look like as a live action/adventure Movie?  You don’t have to imagine anymore thanks to more…

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London Job Listing Re-ignites Rumors of a PlayStation Droid Phone

It’s been reported over the past couple months that Sony is working on a PlayStation branded Android 3.0 gaming phone. Many more…

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Firmware 3.50 PS3 Update is Live: Complete List Of Features Detailed

Firmware Update 3.50 is now Live!   These are the new features included:   -3D Blu-ray Support -Move can be used more…

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New James Bond 007: Blood Stone Combat Trailer Kicks Ass

Check out the new combat Trailer for James Bond 007: Blood Stone…Daniel Craig kicks ass! The third-person perspective more…

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Bobby Kotick Wants to Sell You Cut-scenes

Once again, Bobby Kotick is speaking his mind and pissing people off. The issue with Mr. Kotick is always money. This time he more…

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Steve Weibe is Once Again the King of Kong

Steve Weibe is once again the King of Kong, all hail the King! Steve Weibe, all American fan favorite and star of 2007’s more…

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Jaw Dropping Halo: Reach Stats

Halo is known for it’s loyal and active fanbase. Hell, when microsoft discontinued xbox live service for Halo 2 it still had more…

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Cops Beatdown Drunk Kid During Halo: Reach Release (Video)

I mean it’s Halo Freakin’ Reach…can’t we all just get along? The kid wears pink socks, loves to say “Fag” and his voice more…

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Alan Wake in Glorious 8-bit Action

I saw Alan Wake in 8 bit…and it was glorious! Check out Alan Wake in an 8-bit demake courtesy of Ant ti Apina. Yeah I more…

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Halo: Reach Campaign Matchmaking to Go Live in October

Halo: Reach has been easily the biggest 2010 release with untold millions of online games played on Xbox live to date. Not more…

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Wesker and Spider-Man to Fight In Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Trailers)

Yep you heard it right, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and super Resident Evil baddie Albert Wesker will both appear more…

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Revealed at TGS – With Stunning Trailer

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has been announced by Tekken team leader Katsuhiro Harada at Tokyo Game Show to fighting fans’ more…

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New Bioshock Infinite Gameplay Teaser Looks Slick and Refreshing

Finally out from under the sea (the place to be?).  Seeing bright colors and sunlight is definitely new to the Bioshock more…

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Red Dead Redemption: Liars and Cheats Horse Racing Details

When Red Dead Redemption released this past summer to critical success many felt something was missing. Not something simple, more…

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Portal 2 Pre-order Bonus Will Include Custom Bots

Ah, Portal 2 – you carry along such lofty expectations lest you make us wait until 2011. In a effort to steal some steam more…