Pepsi Develops New Videogame To Combat Mexican Fatness

At least she’s drinking diet PepsiCo, makers of delicious salty snacks and sugary beverages, has created a new videogame more…

Microsoft, Xbox 360
Top 5 Reasons To Love Xbox Live

As we previously reported, Xbox Live has not been having a good time, what with all the disconnects and general wonkiness. more…

Microsoft, Xbox 360
360 Holiday Sales Wreak Havoc on Xbox LIVE Servers – Seriously

All I want for Christmas is to play online, but Microsoft won’t let me As of Wednesday the 26th, my experience with Xbox more…

Videogames Don’t Kill People, Idiots Do: Why Games Are a Scapegoat

Exhibits A and B: Idiots The recent story we reported about the kids supposedly using Mortal Kombat moves to kill a seven more…

News, PlayStation 2
Activision Wins in Preliminary Hearing over Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80’s

It appears The Romantics’ request to have their song “What I like About You” removed from Guitar Hero: Rocks the more…

First Person Shooter, Genre, Microsoft, PlayStation 3, Previews, Sony, Xbox 360
In-Depth Preview of Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Story, Setting & Character Customization

It seems we’ll be revisiting Vegas through the eyes of Team Rainbow a little sooner than expected, with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 more…

Action, First Person, First Person Shooter, Genre, News, PC
2007, This is Duke Nukem Calling

Ten years and counting, should have been titled “Duke Nukem: Taking Forever” Hello, this is 2007 speaking. Oh, Duke Nukem! more…