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RipTen Review: Hard Reset (PC)

In the future, robots will assail Bezoar, the last human stronghold. You’ll play as Major Fletcher, a surviving human that more…

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This Saints Row: The Third – Meet The Deckers Trailer Is Better Than Tron

THQ have released another gameplay trailer for Saints Row: The Third that is the most ludicrous yet. Meet Matt Decker, leader more…

ToH 1
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Exclusive New Screenshots from ‘Take On Helicopters’

  While the rest of the world awaits the massive Q4 onslaught of big name releases, hardcore PC simulation gamers are more…

This is what the English refer to as a 'gobshite'.
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Games Don’t Desensitize Us To Violence (And The SuperNanny Talks Out Her Fanny)

My love of pixel on pixel violence began with the 1993 Commodore Amiga hit Cannon Fodder. Pouring out grenades and bullets in more…

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Disreputable Screens From a “Dishonored” Game

First appearing on our radar back in June, Dishonored is shaping up to be an intriguing first-person action experience. more…

Tribes Ascend
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Tribes: Ascend Will be F2P, Ski’s Up In This Sweet New Gameplay Trailer

The Tribes series has a long and noble bloodline. First released in 1998, the primary game-mechanic was initially a glitch more…

F1 2011
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First F1 2011 Developer Diary Peels Rubber Across Your Face

Fans of last year’s F1 2010 might well ask what could be different just a year later. It’s understandable to be concerned more…

Stupid hipster helicopters
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Bohemia Interactive’s ‘Take On Helicopters’ Is The Most Realistic Heli Sim Yet

Fans of Bohemia Interactive know well the studio’s obsessive and exhaustive approach to simulation gaming. The ArmA series more…

Nice doggie!!
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RipTen Review: Red Faction: Armageddon (Xbox 360)

Ten years ago, with the Descent series and Summoner under their belt, Volition Inc. unearthed Red Faction, a story of more…

Walkin' along, singin' a song, side by siiiiiide.
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Batman: Arkham City Adds Robin As Playable Character

A UK fansite has uncovered a pre-order bonus for upcoming Rocksteady game Batman: San Francisco Arkham City.  Initially more…

Codies logo
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Codemasters Website Hacked, Data Compromised

Earlier today, Codemasters’ Community Relations Director Satine made an announcement on their forum to report the following more…

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E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic “Return” Cinematic Game Intro

We’ve recently seen a swag of trailers for BioWare’s upcoming Star Wars epic but it’s their E3 trailers that are so special, more…

Frank West is a cock.
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E3 2011: Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Gameplay Trailer Wants You To Visit Uranus

We first brought you news of the next in Capcom’s bizarrely popular Dead Rising series back in April. Set in the same Fortune more…

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E3 2011: Neverwinter Announcement Trailer Radically Alters The Playing Field

Back in August 2010, we first heard about a new Neverwinter game. Based on the history of its developers Cryptic, known for more…

Neverdead Banner
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E3 2011: NeverDead Brings The Megadeth In Amazing New Trailer

I saw a brief gameplay concept trailer for this a while back where a guy gets chopped to pieces then rolls his body back more…