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E3 2011: Gov’t Claims Lights In Sky Not Aliens, Only A New XCOM Trailer

Once the high watermark of turn-based gaming, XCOM returns to our screens as a hybrid first-person/strategy shooter. Set in more…

Wii U
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Nintendo Wii U Footage Outed – Contains PS3/Xbox Images

One of the highlights for me out of this year’s E3 has been the Wii U reveal. For a long time now the Wii at my house has more…

Uncharted 3
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E3 2011: Uncharted 3 Trailer Makes You Feel Happy In Strange Places

As those of you who’ve played either of the previous Uncharted games know, Australian developers Naughty Dog know how to mix more…

Inversion Banner
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E3: 2011 – This Inversion Trailer Will Make Isaac Newton Turn In His Grave

Namco-Bandai’s latest 3rd-Person shooter looks like a solid mix of inFAMOUS, Prey and Dead Space. You play as Davis Russel, a more…

Trials Evolution
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E3 2011: Trials: Evolution – Exciting New Trailer

If you haven’t played Trials HD then I want you to stop what you’re doing and run to XBLA or Steam RIGHT NOW, buy it, and more…

Wii and 3DS M&S
E3 2011: Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics Coming To Wii and 3DS

Sega has announced the latest in their Mario & Sonic Olympic adventures by sending the weird little pair to the London more…

Irrational Games Tweet
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Twitter-Comp, Win A Replica BioShock Infinite Sky-Hook From Irrational Games

With the exception of coma-patients, most people are looking eagerly towards the release of BioShock Infinite. If you can’t more…

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E3 2011: El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron Demo Now Live On XBL and PSN

Our own Dave Oshray played El Shaddai  last month and spent a week in the psych-ward recovering from the head-trip it gave more…

Rise Of Nightmares
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E3 2011: Rise of Nightmares – Trailer

Sega have made a brave move, stepping into the world of full-bodied combat with Rise of Nightmares. If any of you play more…

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SoE Announce Downloadable PC/PS3 Title, Payday: The Heist

Sony have announced a new download only title exclusively for the PC and PSN. Coming from the brand-new studio of Overkill more…

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F1 2011 Screens Look Fast and Sexy

Coming in mid-September is the eagerly anticipated sequel to one of last year’s greatest racing titles, F1 2010.  more…

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The Creative Assembly Levels Up, Becomes Sega Studios Australia

A landmark Australian games studio, The Creative Assembly Australia has had a name change to become Sega Studios Australia. more…

Numbers make cool letters, amirite?
F.3.A.R. Multiplayer ‘Soul Survivor’ Trailer

Just the other day we found FEAR 3’s Co-Op ‘Contractions’ Trailer hidden under a pile of moulding bones. This afternoon a more…

Dismounted Soldier - Pic 6
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CryENGINE 3 To Power $57M U.S. Army Virtual Reality Training Technology

The US Army is investing in the world’s most expensive LAN-party by dropping $57 million into a Virtual Reality training more…

I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum...
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‘Come Get Some’ with Nvidia at the Duke Nukem Forever Launch

To celebrate the launch of the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever, Nvidia is giving one lucky gamer the chance to win an more…