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Analyst Predicts Xbox 360 Dominated 2010

Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter has made some predictions based off of this holiday season’s console sales. more…

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Sony Boasts 20 Exclusive PS3 Games Releasing in 2011

As exclusives are slowly disappearing with many developers going mutliplatform and as Microsoft is slowly seeing less more…

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Sony Aware of PS3 Hacks; “Looking Into” Fixing

Hackers have been making some major progress on fully hacking the PS3. Sony’s security has been a tough one to crack, but a more…

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Xbox 360 Users Claim Kinect Is Causing “Red Ring of Death”

From Contributer Matt Sims The Kinect has become nothing short of a phenomenon, selling more than 2.5 million units in more…

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New Photos Emerge of Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation Phone

Rumors have gone back and forth of a PlayStation phone for a while now. Hell, we have even had blurry photos of a more…

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PC Getting a Clone of the Kinect

ASUS, best known for it’s laptops and netbooks, will be showing off its latest product at this year’s CES. ASUS has teamed up more…

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Xbox 360 Toaster: Plays Your Favorite Games – Can’t Make Toast

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, somebody comes out of right field with something this ridiculous. A Youtube video more…

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This Desktop Arcade Cabinet is Made of Win

Every hardcore gamer would love to dwell on their nostalgia by owning their own arcade cabinet in their gaming room.  The more…

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New Fallout New Vegas DLC Details Teased in “Dead Money”?

The first Fallout: New Vegas DLC has recently been released and contains possible clues toward what’s in store next for more…

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Three New Earth Defense Force Titles In Development

Earth Defense Force 2017 is easily one of my favorite cheesy, B-movie type of game. I was almost certain a sequel would more…

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Super Meat Boy Not Getting Sequel …

Team Meat is on a roll today! The dev duo has announced the next content update for PC will be coming mid-January. This update more…

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The Sims: Medieval Limited Edition Announced

EA has announced that a limited edition of The Sims: Medieval will be releasing this March 2011. The Limited Edition with nab more…

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MAG Available in PS Store Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, MAG (the game with the most original name) will be available for purchase on the PlayStation store in all of more…

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Halo: Reach Stats Boast 33 Billion Served

This week’s Bungie update provides us with an infographic with some stats from Halo: Reach. Let’s just say they are quite more…

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Two Weeks Until Marvel: Ultimate Alliance’s DLC Disappears

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance has always had trouble with its downloadable characters. The first game’s characters were made more…