Trio of BioWare Employees Leave to Form Stoic Studios

Three of BioWare’s employees who worked on the Star Wars: The Old Republic development team have left to form their own indie more…

Fake Pokemon Yellow, iOS App Store Chooses You!

Hey iPhone users, do you want to play Pokemon on your fancy piece of Apple technology? Would you like to battle and catch more…

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Alan Wake on the PC Recoups Costs in Just Two Days

Hey, remember when Microsoft said that Alan Wake was going to remain an Xbox 360 exclusive because, and I quote; Some games more…

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Xenoblade Chronicles Gets an Official North American Trailer

I hope Xenoblade Chronicles is an enormous success in America for a number of reasons. For one thing, it is awesome to see a more…

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Penny Arcade Teams With ESRB to Remind People That Ratings Exist

That isn’t actually a snarky headline or anything, it is pretty much how I view the reasoning behind issue #2 of Penny Arcade more…

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Skullgirls Final Announced Character is a Shape-Shifting Gooey Nun

Before you say anything, this doesn’t count as hypocrisy at all. See, the other day I openly mocked and derided the game Girl more…

The Top Ten Video Games with Amorphous Blob Enemies

Since I’m pretty sure all of you fine readers consider me to be one of the preeminent voices in the world of video game more…

Buy 2 Vita Games, Get One Free (As Long as They Are On This Short List)

For those of you brave early adopters out there who purchased the PS Vita First Edition bundle, and those who plan on purchasing more…

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Rumor: Next Microsoft System Code Named Durango, Sadly Not Canyonero

The internet is abuzz with rumors after Kotaku mentioned Microsoft’s next console, the successor to the Xbox 360, is being more…

About the Mass Effect 3 Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat
BioWare and Razer Partner to Give Earth Mass Effect 3 Gear

We might never know which store on the Citadel is actually Commander Shepard’s favorite, but we certainly can make a guess more…

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Survey Links Online Gaming to Marital Dissatisfaction, So Does Common Sense

Where do I even start? A survey by researchers at Brigham Young University has made a rather startling link- video games more…

Zynga Being Sued for Patent Infringement, Will Probably Pay the Troll Toll

At this point in history, it is probably easier to make a list of systems in America that aren’t broken. Even then, there is more…

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Girl Fight, Sending Women’s Lib Back to the 8-Bit Era Soon on XBLA and PSN

For those of you who thought Suckerpunch was just not empowering enough, developer Kung Fu Factory, the team behind Supremacy more…

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Dear Video Game Industry, DRM Doesn’t Have to be Awful

My stance on DRM has always been a simple one—I don’t like it. I find most current forms of anti-piracy methods to be more…

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Remote Controlled Twisted Metal: Real Life Shooting From Home Computer Predated David Jaffe

The internet has been all a titter over David Jaffe’s part-brilliant/part-psychotic advertising campaign for Twisted Metal. more…