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Quick! Pass ACTA and SOPA! Activision Blizzard Makes $1 Billion Profit in 2011!

Thinly veiled leftist bias incoming. Prepare for thinly veiled leftist bias. Thinly veiled leftist bias deployed. One of more…

Beating a Dead Horse – the Most Literal, and Best, Skyrim Mod to Date

I comment on a lot of things. I like commenting. Typing words and making you read them is legitimately a thing I enjoy. Video more…

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Blizzard Challenges Valve’s Trademark of DotA, Thunderdome Imminent

Okay, so let’s try to get this straight. A million years ago in gaming years, Blizzard made Warcraft III. People really liked more…

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RipTen Retrograde: Hydlide (NES, 1989)

I figured with the recent string of great RPGs being released over the last few months, it was time for me to bring you all more…

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A Brief History of First Impressions

Depending on who you ask, first impressions can either be incredibly important or just very important. There really aren’t a more…

Violent Video Game Tax? Another Great Idea From the Political Establishment!

In an absolutely brilliant move, Rep. William Fourkiller (will.fourkiller@okhouse.gov) of Oklahoma has introduced a bill more…

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RipTen Review: Fortune Summoners – Secret of the Elemental Stone (PC)

There are a few things I just can’t resist in this world. Chinese buffets, performance art involving two guys in colorful more…

Harmonix Head is Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow’s Sugar Daddy

I really hate politics. At least, I hate the way politics actually work in this country. I won’t bore you with the details of more…

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Top Ten Gaming Wake Up Calls

The problem with having to save the world is that, more often than not, it doesn’t wait until you’ve had a full nights sleep. more…

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RipTen Retrograde: Fallout 2

So the last time I did one of these for RipTen was over a year and a half ago. I started doing them for my own personal gain more…

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“Reflect” Tech Demo is Portal With Bells, Whistles, Real-Time Path Tracing

One of the best parts of being committed to PC gaming is seeing impressive new tech get rolled out. Reflect is a part game, more…

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RipTen Exclusive: Leaked Government Documents Regarding Occupy Saffron

DIRECTOR: Yes, what is it? AGENT: Uh, sir, I’m here to update you on the situation in Saffron City. DIRECTOR: Ah yes, more…

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Zelda: The Lost Oracle is Fan Made, Awesome

Joel Furtado’s trailer for “The Lost Oracle” is absolutely gorgeous. Breathtaking even. The Wind Waker inspired visuals more…

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IRL is a Short Look at WoW Addiction

Video games can be addictive. I’d hazard the vast majority of those reading this have an intimate knowledge of that fact. more…

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RipTen Review: AMY (XBLA)

The Reviewer (not) by Edgar Allan Poe To you the gamer pessimist, I ask you honor one request; My credibility and past you more…