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Mortal Kombat Tag Team Trailer Shows the Art of Switching Out

NetherRealm studios has released another trailer for the hotly anticipated reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise. The latest more…

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Pitchford Says That the Duke Nukem Forever Delay ‘Wasn’t a Trick’

In the aftermath of the latest Duke Nukem Forever delay, many within the gaming community have questioned whether this was a more…

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The Weinstein Company Launches ‘TWC Games’ Brand – Oy Vey!

That’s right, following in the steps of giants such as Warner Interactive and Universal Games, The Weinstein Company has more…

REsident evil
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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Could Mix SOCOM and Zombie Killing

Today is a good day for Resident Evil news. First we get confirmation that Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica will be more…

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Fan-made “Mario” Trailer Tackles Love, Drug Use

SXSW Film Festival is an annual festival that celebrates independent films, music, and technologies. This year a special more…

battleblock theater
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BattleBlock Theater Opening Cinematic is Amazing

I for one am a huge fan of Behemoth, and an even larger fan of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. While there isn’t yet a more…

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Mass Effect 2 Gets “Arrival” DLC March 29th (Screens)

Now we all knew this was coming due to a PS3 glitch that revealed details for the upcoming DLC; it was only a matter of when. more…

PS3 supercharged
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Gamestop Starts Selling “Supercharged PS3,” Lawsuit May Be Incoming

Gamestop has surely heard of what has happened to people who hack the PS3 console, so why would they even stray into a more…

powered by unreal
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Warner Bros. Signs 3 Year Agreement to Be “Powered by Unreal Technology”

Warner has signed a licensing agreement with Epic that will allow them to use the Unreal Engine for any games they develop more…

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Ubisoft Unveils New Music Game Rocksmith That Uses Real Guitars (Trailer)

Rhythm and music games are a dime-a-dozen; in fact, Activision pushed the genre so hard that it caused the demise of its once more…

the batman
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New Batman Arkham City Trailer Shows Us Some Actual Gameplay

Now we’ve all been excited and teased for long enough by Arkham City, and the question has been looming as to when we would more…

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Bioware Employee Caught In a Review Scandal Over Dragon Age II

As if it wasn’t hard enough trying to be a decent game writer and trying to give people honest opinions about what games they more…

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EA ‘Accidentally’ Restricts a Player’s Access to Dragon Age 2

Alright here’s how it went down, so that you have some framing for the situation at hand.  A PC player of Dragon Age II, as more…

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Arkham City Gets an October Release Date (Screens)

Warner has finally decided to let the bat out of the bag (see what I did there?) and let us in on when Rocksteady’s Arkham more…

LA Noire Investigation
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New L.A. Noire Trailer Highlights Investigation and Interrogation

The latest trailer in the LA Noire Gameplay Series shows how the player will influence the decisions and future of the raw more…