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Sony Closes Lemmings, Wipeout Studio Sony Liverpool (Formerly Psygnosis)

2012 has been an absolutely devastating year for the gaming industry, but this week in particular has been one of much more…

RipTen Review: Fireflies (iOS)

Never underestimate the joy of a simple concept. There is serenity that can be found in losing yourself in the most basic of more…

Tritton Warhead 7.1 Gaming Headset for Xbox 360 Shipping Now

Madcatz has thrown down the gauntlet. We’ve looked at a number of products for our Gaming Headset Buyer’s Guide, but the more…

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Spec Ops Gets Four-Misson Co-Op Mode – Out Now and Free

If you worked your way through Spec Ops: The Line’s sand-ravaged Dubai, reached the thrilling climax and wrung the final more…

Raptr Community Q&As Kick Off This Week with Robert Bowling

The community interview concept is starting to catch on, with more sites leveraging the power of their user base to draw in more…

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It’s Time to Play the Game – WWE ’13 Roster Revealed

Leading up to SumerSlam this weekend, THQ and the WWE got together to shine the light on the enormous roster that will be more…

The Last Days of Cybertron Start Tomorrow

With just a scant 24 hours or so before Transformers fans get their hands on High Moon Studios latest, Activision has more…

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Plants vs Zombies 2 Bringing More Omnivorous Undead in 2013

PopCap is quite a special little company. From humble match-3 beginnings with Bejeweled, the studio has managed to create more…

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Is OnLive Simply Playing a Corporate Shell Game?

We just received a lengthy statement from OnLive that seems intended to redeem the company’s image. We’ve included more…

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New Video Game Releases August 21 – 27

Wow. Last week was kind of insane. Darksiders II and Sleeping Dogs took the gaming world by storm, kicking off the busiest more…

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Gaming Headset Buyer’s Guide: Astro Gaming A50 Wireless System

Manufacturer: Astro Gaming MSRP: $299 Sound Produced: 7.1 Surround (Simulated) Type: Wireless (Fully embedded) Primary more…

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Stuck on a Darksiders II Boss? Get Some Tips from Vigil Games

With Darksiders II’s huge coming out party just earlier this week (next week for our friends in Europe, apparently), the folks more…

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OnLive Finally Issues Statement on Today’s Confused Activities

A number of sites have received a statement directly from OnLive, finally clarifying approximately six hours of rumors, more…

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OnLive Not Closing According to Official Statement

Rumors are circulating about the closure of OnLive. We reached out to the company to ask them if the business was, in fact, more…

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Zen Studios Shows it’s Much More than Pinball with KickBeat and CastleStorm

Sure, I’m bummed that we couldn’t be in Germany for Gamescom. XCOM multiplayer was on display and there was another chance to more…