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RIFT Sets New Record for Most In-Game Weddings in 24 Hours

A few weeks ago, Trion set out to nab the world record for the most in-game marriages in a 24-hour span. On Valentines Day, more…

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High Resolution Textures Available for TERA’s Next Beta

In a gesture which should be recognized and replicated by certain other MMO’s ( *cough* SWTOR *cough* ), En Masse more…

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Guild Wars 2 Coming to Consoles

Guild Wars Insider today reported the news that upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2 would be launching a console version following the more…

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‘TERA’ Showcases Action Combat in New Videos

En Masse Entertainment has been extolling the virtues of TERA’s action based combat system for some time now, and with a more…

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Board Games are Go: World of Warcraft Monopoly & StarCraft Risk Coming Soon

If you’re a keen World of Warcraft or StarCraft fan, you’ll be able to take your addiction to another level this summer with more…

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LoTRO Dev Diary Opens the Lid on Buried Treasure Event

In Turbine’s latest Developer Diary for The Lord of The Rings Online, the subject of the MMO’s forthcoming Buried Treasure more…

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World of Warcraft Subscriber Numbers Still Dropping – Another 100,000 Lost

Today’s Activision-Blizzard investor’s call revealed some interesting statistics about World of Warcraft’s player base, with more…

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Final Fantasy XIV to Merge Servers in March

Having spent a year as a free-to-play MMO due to a less than auspicious launch, then finally adopting a traditional more…

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Firefall Releases New Dev Diary: Players will Interactively Expand Game World

Red 5 Studios, developers of upcoming team-based shooter MMO Firefall  have today unveiled the latest dev diary for the more…

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ArcheAge Debuts New Siege Warfare Video; RipTen Adds Helpful Commentary

While the western release date for ArcheAge still remains unknown, the official Youtube page has today been updated with a more…

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Prepare to be Wed: Trion Releases RIFT Wedding Trailer

A few weeks back we reported on Trion’s attempt to secure a world record for the Most In-Game Marriages in a 24-Hour Period more…

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Keyboard and Mouse Control a Lock for DUST 514

While DUST 514 currently remains a Playstation 3 only release, CCP recently confirmed on Twitter that the game will launch more…

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En Masse Investigating TERA Pre-Order Issues

In something of a snag, many folks who have purchased a pre-order copy of TERA from a brick-and-mortar retailer haven’t more…

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Battle.net Balance is Now Live

Blizzard has thrown back the doors on Battle.net Balance, its new online payment service which allows players to add funds to more…

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BioWare Acclimatizing New Players to SWTOR With Tutorial Video Series

If you’re new to MMO’s, learning the ropes can be a difficult and daunting task.  BioWare has set out to make players’ more…