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Gears of Acquirement: Legendary Pictures in Talks to Buy Epic Games?

The word on the Locust infested streets of Sera is that Legendary Pictures is looking to purchase Epic Games. No clue as to more…

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Inside Every Gamer, There’s a Little Fanboy

Liberal. Conservative. Fanboy. These words have taken on new meanings in the age of internet and anonymous hate-spamming. more…

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Wade Larson’s Amazingly Awesome Halloween Gaming Lineup Extravaganza!

Its getting cold, the leaves are turning orange, and your neighbor just put out a jack-o-lantern with Pacman carved into it more…

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RE5 Controls Overhauled: Strafe Your Heart Out

“Thank you – for blessing me with new controls and strafing feet.” Where Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 4 could do little more…

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Ebay Auction: Be a Big Daddy this Halloween (Little Sister Sold Separately)

Can’t decide on what video game character to dress up as this Halloween? Sick of wearing the same blue suspenders and red more…

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Pete Hines: Fallout 3 Mod Tools “Not On Our Schedule Right Now.”

According to an interview with Pete Hines from Rock, Paper, Shotgun; the PC version of Fallout 3 will not come with a mod kit more…

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“Tits always in the pocket” with your iPhone.

Yes, you read that right. Courtesy of our Japanese friends in… well, Japan, comes an iPhone flash program that simulates more…

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Shadow of the LittleBigColossus: Parson’s Students Spend 24 Hours with LBP

While you were loitering about last weekend, perhaps jamming out in your underwear to Rock Band 2, or consuming an entire more…

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Hands-On Previews From PAX 08

PAX is all about games, and the massive show floor had plenty of them on display. Here are the impressions from the show more…

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Dueling Dorks Get Their Hands On WarCraft Replica Frostmourne Swords

One should be careful when wielding a $20,000, sharp, pointy object. But when you’ve got a replica sword this cool, it can more…

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Thoughts on the Penny Arcade Expo 08

PAX 08 came and went as a whirlwind adventure deep into the heart of nerddom. I saw strange things; I saw glorious things. I more…

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FaceBreaker Soundtrack Released – Music To Pummel By

Dave Chappelle once said, “Nobody likes getting their ass beat to a soundtrack.” Dave never played FaceBreaker. EA’s more…

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PAX 08: Hands On With Red Faction: Guerilla

PAX 08 is rocking gamers with plenty of hands-on demos on the show floor, as Fall’s big-name titles make the rounds for more…

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Marijuana as a Performance Enhancing Drug in Competitive Gaming

Baseball has Barry Bonds and his Giant head (and ego) under the scrutiny of the senate. Cycling has a long list of riders more…

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Uber GT5p Racing Pod Rings In at $15,000

So you like driving games, eh? Well, then you’ll probably find the images here are causing a strange sensation deep inside more…