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How Zombies Ruined My Life: a Call of Duty Fan Comic

The ‘Zombies’ mode in Call of Duty can be a right pain sometimes. I outright hated it when it made its first appearance more…

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New Deadpool Gameplay Trailer for your Consumption

You know, I want to like the idea of Deadpool getting his own videogame, after all  he is a combination of The Mask, The more…

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Young Justice: Legacy Will Fight Crime in 2013

If you watch Cartoon Network and love DC Comics, then you’ve probably heard of Young Justice. The show, currently still in more…

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Rocksteady’s Formula for Making Batman Badass – Challenging: Yes, Nipples: No

After playing through Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sequel, Batman: Arkham City, you’re probably wondering how it got to be more…

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Gotham City Impostors Says “Thank You” With Free DLC

Gotham City Impostors has only been out for a day, and the people at Monolith have already revealed the first batch of its more…

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Darkness II Trailer Shows Off Sweet Executions

A lot of games these days have some incredibly gory executions. Whether it’s snapping someone’s neck with a shotgun in Gears more…

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Is Rocksteady Working on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game?

Rocksteady has quickly grown fame as a developer.  After one game on the PS2, the London developer that put out Batman: more…

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Darksiders II: Can Death Breathe Life Back Into THQ?

This past year has been a bit rough for THQ. The publisher had to close down five studios, including Homefront developer more…

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DC Has a New Logo. Ummm, Why?

Since 2005, with the release of Batman Begins, the DC Comics logo came equipped with a blue swoosh known as the “DC Spin.” It more…

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Is Catwoman Getting Her Own Arkham City DLC Episodes?

Earlier in the year, we reported that Batman: Arkham City would feature the seductive Catwoman as a playable character more…

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Ultimate Spider-Man Enters the Edge of Time

Superheroes have enough costumes to spare. After all, when you save the world every three hours, it’d be better to wear more…

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The Adventures of Link, the Unmedicated Lunatic (Comic)

  Follow the adventures of Link, the manliest lunatic in the universe, in his very own random comic strip series.  more…

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X-Men Destiny – Exciting First Details

Silicon Knights has had a tough time here of late. After the cult classic that was Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, the more…

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DC Universe Online Fact Sheet Surfaces

One of the most anticipated MMOs of the year hits store shelves today, and we have an accompanying fact sheet. The players more…

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From Polygons to Panels – The Marriage of Games and Comics

By RipTen contributor Justin Carter If there’s one thing the entertainment industry does well, it’s expand franchises into more…