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RipTen Daily Conversation and Recap

At the end of a news day, we sometimes like to chat it up a bit (okay, we always do). And I personally like to surprise the more…

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Roger Ebert Backs Down, Admits He Was A Fool For Mentioning Games In The First Place

“One thing I brought from this experience was that I lacked a definition of Art.” Damn straight you did.  You also lacked more…

Here's to hoping
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Real Gamers vs. Booth Babes, Give Us What We Really Want

I’m going to preface this writeup by clarifying that E3 2010 was my first time attending as press, and that I still spent a more…

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Three Problems with the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is a portable gaming device that has me really excited. Upon getting the unit in my hands at E3 and actually more…

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Why Nintendo “Won” E3 2010

Welcome to the third in our multi-part series on E3 2010, and who the “winner” is. One writer will take each company, and more…

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Why Sony “Won” E3 2010

As a lead in, we decided that one writer would each take one of the big three keynotes and try their best to make a case for more…

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Why Microsoft “Won” E3 2010

Before I get into this, let me just say that in my mind, and as a gamer, Microsoft did not “win” E3. What they presented was more…

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Medal of Honor Beta – What it Does Right, What it Does Wrong.

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock for the last couple of days, I am glad to inform you that the Medal of more…

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Are Accessories Becoming Our Hardware Upgrades?

I’ve been noticing an interesting trend in video game consoles this generation. Back in the day, when a console was more…

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E310: A Series of Unfortunate Press Events – the Microsoft Keynote Summary

I should point out that I really hate to be that guy. In any situation where somebody can be that guy, whether it’s that more…

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Microsoft’s Project Natal is the Future We Didn’t Ask For

Chris Lewis, the VP of interactive entertainment business at Microsoft, recently compared Natal to technology you would see in more…

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FPS Alphabet: From Aliens to Zombies

Join me as I take an in-depth look at an alphabetical list of  games, publishers, and developers, that have helped to make the more…
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Farewell LOST, See You In Reruns Brotha

Ya know, ABC’s LOST was one of those things in life that some of us will deny we enjoyed til’ the day we die — kind of like more…

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Super Awesome Cosplay Weekly Spotlight #1

Here at Ripten, we embrace diversity. We understand that there are many different shades of geek and that we have no right to more…

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Why Vanity Fair Sucks and Old Media Needs to Die

There is something uniquely satisfying in watching a magazine like Vanity Fair, one with so much money and history behind it, more…