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Achievement Whores, Unite! (In Failure, That Is.)

There are two types of gamers: those who play for achievement points and trophies, and those who play to enjoy the game. I am a more…

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Ripten 1/10 Reader Feedback Request

Hello wonderfully potent, unbelievably attractive, and sexually gifted readers. Ripten was started back in 2007 with the simple more…

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Hero No More: Fan Made Zelda Film Taken Down Due to Nintendo Copyright (Nintendouchebaggery)

There are very few things in this world that infuriate me. Currently the list stands at America’s political system, advanced more…

Happy New Year 2010 From Ripten

From all of us to all of you — we at Ripten hope that this coming year helps you get one step closer to your goals in life. May more…

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Wii New Year’s Eve: The Game – Exclusive First Look

While going to the store to purchase some delicious Jameson for my flask (I have a long train ride to the Burning Angel New more…

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Brainy Psychologist Ties Phat Loot Love To Dopamine Neurons, WoW Raiders Explain Epic Need In More Manageable Terms

I’ve seen my fair share of loot drops during my time as an epically geared Alliance Warrior in the World of Warcraft, and I’d more…

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Chunk Kid Goes Ape Shit Crazy Over Xbox 360 Christmas Gift

Combine Chunk from Goonies with a sideways floor hugging rendition of the running man, the sound of three hundred screaming more…

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China Central Television: Videogames Are Bad, MMMkay?

Full of violence, suggestive situations, language, and anything else bad you can think of video games have always been a more…

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Merry Christmas from Ripten (Special Video Collection)

Outside of spending time with family, stuffing my face with food, and opening a crap-load of presents, my favorite thing about more…

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Thanksgiving Dinner Video Game Nerd Style

This Thanksgiving, when you sit down with your family and look around at the dishes, silverware, beverage containers, and even more…

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WoW Whore Has 36 Accounts, Raids by Himself

In what is perhaps the most shining example of obsession and geekiness I have ever seen, a fella by the name of Bradster has 36 more…

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PS3 Exclusive Lost? Final Fantasy Versus XIII Being Ported to Sega Master System…

It appears that Microsoft isn’t the only console maker with deep pockets. While Sega can’t remember who works for them and has more…

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Vagina Hero: Exclusive First Look

Not content with the current level of Guitar Hero milking, what if Activision decided to take it to the next level with yet more…

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The New 10 Point Review Scale for Aspiring Game Journalists

Many people have been wondering how the close relationship between game reviewers and publishers translates into critical more…

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Top Ten Most Badass Weapons in Gaming History – # 9 The Blades of Chaos

Kratos is not a nice guy. His hobbies are killing barbarians, killing peasants, killing hydras, and killing his family. He digs more…