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PlayStation Fans “See It, Hear It, Play It & Share it Here First” at Alli Dew Tour

SCEA announced its sixth consecutive year teaming up with the Alliance of Action Sports for this summer’s Dew Tour Skate Open more…

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Ripten’s Best of E3 2010 Awards

The last of our E3 2010 previews are rolling in today and the E3 decor you’ve come to embrace the past two weeks will soon be more…

Commander: We're not going to let "that" happen. Soliders: Yes sir!
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E310 Hands-On Preview: Vanquish, You Will Stop “That” From Happening

SEGA and Platinum Games’ futuristic third person shooter “Vanquish” is a title I was definitely looking forward to playing at more…

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E310: New Trailer for Ubisoft’s I Am Alive

At E3 last week, there were two games I was sad to have not seen at the Ubisoft keynote- Beyond Good & Evil 2, and I Am more…

Nintendo 2010 E3 Expo Briefing
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L.A. Craigslist Loaded with E3 ‘Missed Connections’

While certainly, E3 is a place people will go to meet people– say, one game developer, journalist, etc. hoping to catch up more…

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E310 Preview: Crysis 2, The Most Badass FPS Ever Seen, Until Bulletstorm

Up until I actually made it to E3 2010, I was pretty ambivalent about Bulletstorm.  Sure it looked pretty badass from afar, more…

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E310 Kinect Demo: Microsoft Says Future Kinect Games Will Support Controllers

Ripten was granted a behind-closed-doors session with Kinect at E3 2010 courtesy of Scott Henson, Microsoft’s Director of more…

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E310 Preview: Gears of War 3, Plus Q&A With Producer Rod Fergusson

Ripten was granted behind-closed-doors access to Gears of War 3 at E3 2010 with Epic Games Producer Rod Fergusson walking us more…

E3 2010 040
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E310 Preview: Dead Rising 2: 10 Minutes of Mayhem Filled In-Game Video

As a hardcore PC gamer it takes a lot for me to get hyped up about a console game (that is my hyped face),  but Dead Rising more…

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Why Nintendo “Won” E3 2010

Welcome to the third in our multi-part series on E3 2010, and who the “winner” is. One writer will take each company, and more…

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Guinness World Records at E3 2010

Just when you thought you were finally safe from the dastardly clutches of E3 2010 news, the monster emerges from the hole and more…

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E310 Preview: Portal 2, The Most Mind Blowingly Creative Game Just Got More Mind Blowingly Creative

E3 2010 has come and gone, but the memories (and our coverage) continue.  Not as if GLaDOS would let us forget anyhow.  more…

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Why Sony “Won” E3 2010

As a lead in, we decided that one writer would each take one of the big three keynotes and try their best to make a case for more…

E32010 029
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Why You Couldn’t Find The Witcher 2 At E3 2010: A Video Walkthrough

Why are Tomasz Gop of CDProjekt and I giving you the stink eye?  Because YOU couldn’t find his game at E3.  And even if you more…

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Why Microsoft “Won” E3 2010

Before I get into this, let me just say that in my mind, and as a gamer, Microsoft did not “win” E3. What they presented was more…