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“Tits always in the pocket” with your iPhone.

Yes, you read that right. Courtesy of our Japanese friends in… well, Japan, comes an iPhone flash program that simulates more…

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iYo: Power Your iPhone with a Yo-Yo

Swedish inventor and assumed iPhone owner, Peter Huvander, created the iYo to power his phone though the long Swedish more…

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Mad Catz Helps Make Drumming Less Obtrusive

For anyone that’s ever thought “Where the hell am I supposed to put this drum kit?” after a long Rock Band session, Mad Catz more…

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Video Game Belt Buckles

Picture this (unless you’re female, in which case, just go with it): You’re in a club, socializing with all the fine more…

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All New Fake Rocking-Out Devices Compatible with All New Fake Rocking-Out Games

These instruments getting all “compatible” with each other borders on pornographic. Harmonix, Neversoft, Konami, and more…

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Half Life 2 D0g Papercraft

Two weeks time, nearly 50 hours of labor intensive paper crafting precision, and what do you get? A 12-inch high papercraft more…

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Paintballs Show the True Power of the GPU

Computer graphic pimps Nvidia, makers of all things GeForce, recently held their own little tradeshow dubbed “Nvision”. During more…

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Giant Working SNES Controller

Matt LaBoone, inspired the Giant NES coffee table (created by Kyle Downes), assembled a four-foot long fully functional SNES more…

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WoW Race Across Azeroth, Epic Treadmill FAIL

Who needs an epic mount when you can get off your ass and experience the steep hills of Azeroth on foot courtesy of a real more…

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Uber GT5p Racing Pod Rings In at $15,000

So you like driving games, eh? Well, then you’ll probably find the images here are causing a strange sensation deep inside more…

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Fallout 3 Computer Case Mod

If you plan on playing Fallout 3 on a PC, then this old school case mod, made to look like a 1960s television set, has got to more…

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British Ministry of Defense To Deploy Bomb-Planting, Voyeur UFOs

If you see this little yellow robot floating outside your window, you’re probably a terrorist, and deserve what’s coming to more…

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Retro Gaming Just Got Sexier

Ladies and gentlemen of the intertubes, what I am about to present is as nerd-on inducing as they come. Part swimsuit, part more…

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New Video Game Headset Reads Your Mind – Robot Apocalypse: Day 1

If you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of waiting for the bleak robot dystopia outlined in films like Terminator and The more…

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Nintendo’s Wiimote Hit with Patent Infringement Lawsuit by Hillcrest Labs

Nintendo just keeps getting tapped with patent troubles, with its highly successful Wii now the target of a patent lawsuit from more…