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RipTen Hardware Review: Sharkoon Xtatic SP Headset

What do you get your geeky loved ones for the holidays who have everything when it comes to gaming peripherals?  There is so more…

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Does Gran Turismo 5 Have a New Official Steering Wheel?

Someone might wanna call the guys at Logitech – it looks as if Thrustmaster has gotten an official endorsement from Polyphony more…

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Windows Phone 7 Homebrew Artists Decide to Work With Microsoft

Earlier today the creators of Chevron WP7, a Windows Phone 7 Homebrew Unlocking program contacted Brandon Watson, Microsfot’s more…

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Fix Your Telstra HTC Mozart Battery Issues

Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to be selected to participate in the Telstra Windows Phone 7 HTC Mozart Social Review more…

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Telstra Windows Phone 7 – First Impressions

Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to be selected to participate in the Telstra Windows Phone 7 HTC Mozart Social Review program. more…

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Ten Games We Wish Used Playstation Move

PS Move has been out for awhile now.  Yet, even though there are some great games that are compatible with move, there are more…

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Top 10 Games We Wish Used Kinect

Microsoft’s Kinect looks to take gaming in a bold new direction by making you the controller.  However, other than a few more…

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RipTen Review: Speck iDevice Cases

Ever since purchasing my 4th gen iPod touch, my only real complaint has been that it is nearly impossible to hold onto while more…

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Verizon to Finally Unveil iPhone On November 9th?

An inside source at Verizon has provided RipTen with some long awaited information.  According to an email sent out by more…

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RipTen Hardware Review – Splitfish FragFX Shark

As many know, the competition for peripherals is getting fierce out there with the emergence of Razor, SteelSeries and more…

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WiiMote Plus Gets UK Release Date

Nintendo’s recently announced WiiMote Plus – a Wii remote with the MotionPlus built-in – will be hitting UK shelves on more…

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Hands On With the Windows Phone 7 – Why It Looks Promising

RipTen is lucky enough to have a loyal reader who works for a wireless provider.  He has demoed the much-hyped Windows more…

This is the scene I played -- quite action packed, if you've played the game.
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Hands on Heavy Rain, Literally (PS Move Impressions)

I beat Heavy Rain a couple of months ago, and while it was shorter than most of the games I play, it was definitely better than I more…

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Microsoft Kinect gets Officially Licensed Mounts

When Kinect comes out later this year, you might be looking for a way to mount the device and keep it out of the way. For me, I’d more…

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Dead Space 2 Backpack

During his time at Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego, Dave “GET SOME” Oshry, got some time with Visceral Games’ Dead Space 2 and got more…