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Turok Demo Very Soon, Multiplayer Details, Achievements Unvieled

Turok_Tim AKA Tim Lewinison, Associate Director of Propaganda Games, has been posting on the IGN boards lately. He created a more…

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Ripten Talks The Incredible Hulk Game & More with Creative Director, Mark Nau

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New Rock Band Accessories Courtesy of Mad Catz

MTV has struck a deal with Mad Catz, a popular manufacturer of videogame accessories, to allow the company to start producing more…

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New Stranglehold Maps on Xbox 360, Coming Soon to PS3

Buy them or die! A fan of Stranglehold? Well then I have some good news for you. Today Midway have released 10 new more…

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First DMC4 Review – Plus Exclusive Features for PS3 Version

NeoGaf user Dave1988 has posted a summary of the first Devil May Cry 4 review from the German GamePro magazine. We summarize it more…

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Next U.S. President To Be Decided By Kung-Fu Tournament

If only this were real life and not just a videogame. The people over at AtomFilms have created Kung-Fu Election, a fighting more…

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Demigod Revealed

In the upcoming issue of GFW Magazine, Gas Powered games (Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander) revealed their new IP, Demigod. more…

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9/11 Game Upsets New Yorkers … I Am Jack’s Complete Lack of Surprise.

Treading well into the territory of what most would consider “bad taste”, French website’s game New York more…

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OXM Band: The Opening Act

The Next Big Thing! Official Xbox Magazine’s February issue will come packed in with new Rock Band songs Bang Camaro’s Rock more…

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New Mercenaries 2 Screenshots

Pandemic has released four new screenshots for their upcoming 2008 game, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. more…

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Kojima: Violence in Games is Important – If Done Right

In the midst of the ongoing ruckus surrounding videogame violence, Metal Gear godfather Hideo Kojima has come out saying that more…

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Far Cry 2 Officially Announced for PS3 and Xbox 360

After rampant rumours of Far Cry 2 coming to consoles, Ubisoft have finally announced the game for both the Playstation 3 and more…

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Plug Pulled on Monster Hunter U.S. Servers

Apparently three long years of service were enough for the small community of gamers that still played Monster Hunter on more…

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New Bionic Commando Screens and Artwork

Originally released back in 1988, Bionic Commando is back. Here at Ripten we can present you with a selection of new more…

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More Hints At Orange Box PS3 Patch

Yep, Valve has finally broken its silence over the reportedly glitch-ridden Orange Box port to the Playstation 3, which has seen more…