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Final Fantasy XIII and Versus Scans From OPM UK

Official Playstation Magazine UK features Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII in their Big 10 Stories in their more…

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Burnout: Paradise Demo Impressions

When Burnout: Paradise first hit my radar I was cautiously optimistic. Burnout is one of the few racing series that I still more…

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Copy of Grand Theft Auto III Signed By Jack Thompson For Sale on Ebay

Very ironic, however I am not impressed as this pales in comparison to the bible I found in a hotel room, signed by none more…

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Final Fantasy XIII & Versus XIII Artwork

Some artwork depicting Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII Versus characters has made its way on to the web. Whether or more…

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Grand Theft Auto 3 Trilogy To Be Available on Steam?

Steam, Valve’s download service, has been picking up…city crims, in the form of the Grand Theft Auto 3 Trilogy. more…

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The Five Laws of Echochrome

Echochrome, the elegant black and white puzzle game coming to the Playstation 3 next year, has five simple rules to advance more…

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Banjo Threeie Dev: We’re Changing Everything, But Don’t Worry

That’s right folks, they’re even changing the shape of Banjo’s nose Over on Rare Witch Project, Banjo’s creative more…

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Metal Slug 3 Hits XBLA This Wednesday

A revamped Metal Slug 3, based on the original arcade version, runs-and-guns its way onto Xbox LIVE Wednesday, January 2nd at more…

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MGS4: Demo Unlikely, Collector’s Edition a Possibility

Metal Gear Solid 4. Oh how we’d like to play you soon. Sadly we’re going to have to wait until the games full worldwide more…

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Turok Demo with Preorder at Best Buy

Want to get your teeth into a Turok demo? You can if you preorder the game from Best Buy, but hold off on the nashers. more…

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XBLA Review: Sensible Soccer

It’s the elegant, immediate control system of Sensible Soccer that makes it so enduring and influential. To play soccer, more…

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New Rock Band DLC

Five new Rockband songs hit Xbox Live today but won’t be hitting the Playstation Network until next week. It looks like more…

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Presidential Candidates Talk About Video Games

Nathaniel Edwards over at The Wii Playbox 360.3 (hey, that name’s too long) wrote up a nice little summary of what various more…

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Impossible Mission DS Exclusive at Gamestop

A Steampunk Version of Sam Fisher’s Goggles Fans of the old Commodore 64 classic Impossible Mission might be interested in more…

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Resistance 2 Trademarked by SCEA

You know that game you’ve been working on, with the WWII aliens? Well, if you were planning on calling it Resistance 2, more…