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Skyrim Tops Sales Charts In Time For Christmas

It looks like we’re going to be having a very Dovahkiin Christmas. Skyrim has outlasted Modern Warfare 3 for the top spot more…

Deckard Cain Elder
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Did You Know Diablo’s Deckard Cain Is A Kid From South Dakota?

Greetings friend.  Stay awhile and listen to this tale. Back in the early 90’s, Blizzard held a very vague contest for an more…

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Learn More About The Combat in Reckoning With This New Trailer

What sets Reckoning apart from other open world fantasy RPGs is its combat.  It’s brutal, visceral and awesome. Big Huge more…

Skyrim Online
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Skyrim Online Mod Lets You See and Chat With Other Players In Real Time

Wow.  That was fast. A new mod has been released on the Skyrim Nexus which allows you to see other players (so far only more…

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Skyrim Ships 10 Million, Is Fastest Selling Game in Steam History

Yep.  10 million physical copies shipped and the fastest selling game in the history of Steam.  Wow. Here’s what more…

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CD Projekt Tells Witcher 2 Pirates to Pay Up

As a game developer, there’s nothing that sucks more than having someone download your game illegally.  Years of your life more…

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Obsidian Confirms 5th South Park RPG Class is “The Jew”

As a Jew who loves South Park, role playing games and Obsidian Entertainment.  I must say that I am outraged… that this more…

heart stab
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Obsidian Wants To Go All Digital… To “Stab the Used Game Market in The Heart”

Obsidian Entertainment is apparently not a fan of the used games market, which is pretty understandable, considering the more…

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You knew this would happen. It was only a matter of time before the likes of Leeroy Jenkins returned to the front page of more…

Deckard Cain
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New Diablo III Trailer Is Epic

Blizzard, newly dubbed VGA Gamer Gods, showed off another Diablo III trailer, making us wonder once again Deckard Cain’s age more…

ME3 gameplay
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New Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Straight From The VGAs

You wanted it?  You got it.  Here’s a whole bunch of new Mass Effect 3 gameplay straight from the Spike TV Video Game more…

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Rift Entices Players into Instant Adventures with Latest Update

Trion’s speedy pace of updates for Rift continues with the latest being the “Instant Adventure” initiative, a new feature more…

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This Is The Only Old Republic Review You Will Ever Need To See

You guessed, it the Bro Team is back with another dead on video review. This time it’s for Star Wars: The Old Republic. more…

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The Top 10 Real Life FUS RO DAH’s

Painstakingly compiled by Aaron “The Voice” Alexander and Dave Oshry. Before Skyrim was even available in stores, the more…

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Fan Made Skyrim Trailer Gives Bethesda a Run For Their Money

Last week we posted a video of of a beautiful bard singing Skyrim’s “The Dragonborn Comes” in real life. Well, now someone more…