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Studio In Flames: EA Rumored to be Closing Down Pandemic Today, 200 Employees Laid Off

According to sources who leaked the information to Kotaku, Pandemic Studios, creators of Full Spectrum Warrior, Star Wars: more…

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Official Sony Blog Confirms Facebook & Gamercard Customization as Part of v3.10 Update

Several leaked interface images surfaced one the web a few days ago depicting new gamercard customization and Facebook more…

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Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy XIII Coming to North America and Europe on March 9, 2010

Square Enix announced the North American and European release date for Final Fantasy XIII utilizing the script that surfaced more…

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Major Nelson Milestone: Two Million Simultaneous Users on XBL and I Can Still Stream Porn!

Okay, so maybe he didn’t mention the porn streaming part, but in a recent Tweet, Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson announced the more…

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Project Natal Rumored For November 2010 Release With $50-$80 Price Tag and 14 Launch Titles

By the time November 2010 rolls around, we could all be residing on the moon, eating space cheese, and zipping around with more…

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Not-So-Live: Microsoft Bans Estimated 600k User Accounts From 360 Xbox LIVE Service

In an on going effort to eliminate modded consoles from accessing their Xbox LIVE service, Microsoft has reportedly banned an more…

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Slash Gamer Defends Modern Warfare 2 Simulated Violence From Fox Healine Terrorists

Jon Christensen, Founder of Slash Gamer, and Jim Steyer, Common Sense Media CEO, recently appeared on the FOX morning show more…

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Square Enix Boss: US & European Versions of Final Fantasy XIII Receiving “Final Touches”

In a recent interview, Square Enix Global Presidentm, Yoichi Wada, revealed that the US and European version of the highly more…

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Breaking: British MP Sensible About Video Games

The BBC reports that MP Tom Watson has begun a Facebook group in response to politicians’ comments about the civilian scene more…

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Square-Enix Anagram Solved, Final Fantasy XIII Announcement Coming November 13th

Square-Enix posted a message/anagram on their North America website earlier today: A puzzle for FINAL FANTASY XIII more…

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Bayonetta Early Demo Access Codes Free to Sega Pass Members (First Come, First Serve)

Sega is offering early access to the Bayonetta demo to registered Sega Pass Members. Signing up for the Sega Pass is free and more…

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Reggie: New Super Mario Bros. Will “Absolutely” Outsell Modern Warfare 2

The holiday season is closing in and that means the corporate figure heads we know and love are loosening their jaws to allow more…

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Japanese FFXIII To Include FFXIV Beta Codes, Will North American Version Do The Same?

Our friend Sal over at Scrawl got his hands on some early scans of Shonen Jump (shown above). In addition to showcasing the more…

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Valve’s Chet Faliszek Says 360 Community “Head and Shoulders Above” PS3

Valve continues to show their love for the “it only does everything” PlayStation 3 console. The latest show of support comes more…

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Been Caught Stealing: Facebook Helps Put Modern Warfare 2 Cyber-Thieves Behind Bars

Activision’s highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2 can already be found on a multitude of internet torrent sites (so I’ve been more…