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RaiderZ May be Free-to-Play, but it Will Never be Pay-to-Win, says Producer Rüdiger Moersch

“Why should you be interested in RaiderZ? To make it short, RaiderZ is awesome!” Rüdiger Moersch, the game’s producer, more…

Snowbird Games Studio’s Eador Will Take You To Astral Heights

For the last year or so, a game called Eador: Masters of the Broken World has been making the expo rounds and catching the more…

Snowbird Games Studio Taking “No Pain, No Gain” Mentality to the High Seas in Caribbean!

We got word about a new pirate-themed game based on the Mount and Blade engine titled Caribbean! a couple of weeks ago. While more…

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Jamie Smith Wants to “Build an Oresome Community” with Game’s Shipyard Demo

  As someone who has loved video games for his entire life, I’ve often thought and talked about creating one of my more…

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DayZ Developer Talks Inspiration, Possibility of Standalone DayZ “Before the End of the Year”

I don’t know what makes an “ordinary” game designer, but Dean “Rocket” Hall definitely doesn’t fit the bill. He’s the more…

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Amy Tucker Discusses Her Desire to Revive the Environmentally Aware Xeko

Games that educate players about real-world topics often carry the unfortunate stigma of being about learning first and more…

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EKG’s Mike Kennedy talks Gamestop’s “Damaging” Influence

The used game controversy has picked up lately as rumors have swirled about what the next generations of consoles will (and more…

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We Go Behind the Scenes of Darksiders II with Trailer Masterminds Hammer Creative

You’ve probably never heard of them, but you’ve seen Hammer Creative’s work. Perhaps you marveled at the launch trailer for more…

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“Action-Oriented, Fast Paced” Hawken to Follow League of Legends’ F2P Lead

Hospitality comes in a variety of forms, but the kind on display when we showed up to the Luxe Hotel in LA to take mech more…

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Team Ninja Wants Gamers to Play (Not Watch) the Spectacle of DoA 5

Interview with Team Ninja and Preview of Dead or Alive 5 We’re going to give this another try. Last time out, there was a more…

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RipTen Dojo: Interview with Skullgirl’s Audio Director Vincent Diamante

Over the past two weeks, I was given the pleasure of being able to sit down and do an interview with Vincent Diamante, the more…

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Crate Entertainment’s Arthur Bruno Tells Us Why It’s Always Darkest Before the (Grim) Dawn

In 2008, the gaming industry lost a great studio in Iron Lore Entertainment. Action RPG fans were desperate for a follow-up more…

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RipTen Interview: Storybricks is Redefining the Word “Game”

“Our biggest challenge is that people always want to know what Storybricks is like. It isn’t like anything.” Last night, more…

Theory Interactive’s Reset Will be “Thoughtful,” Not an “Art Game”

 A new trailer for a new game. Who cares, right? Wrong. This is something truly intriguing. Give this video, the first trailer more…

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Gambitious Founder Paul Hanraets Talks Investor Confidence and Evolving Crowd Funding

RipTen Inteview: Paul Hanraets On February 8, 2012, Tim Schafer and Double Fine announced a pioneering use of Kickstarter, more…