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RipTen Review: Bytown Lumberjack (Xbox Live Indie Game)

Bytown Lumberjack is a bloody mess, just like it is intended; the problem is that it is not much more. The title is an Indie more…

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Want a Recap of The Witcher 1’s Story? CD Projekt Has You Covered

If you’re anxious to play The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings but you haven’t played The Witcher 1, then you’re in luck as CD more…

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Hello, Sexy Chrome Xbox 360 Controllers

How do you know you’re nearing the end of a console generation? When you can’t bling out your games anymore, so you move on more…

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Xbox 360 Owners Get Their Battlefield 3 Fix… Fixed With New Patch

EA and DICE have announced via the Battlefield Blog that the patch we detailed last week will be going live today for Xbox more…

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RUMOR: Will The Witcher 2 Make the Jump to PS3?

You may remember that last Thursday, news surfaced of a special announcement to be made by the developer of The Witcher and more…

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RipTen Review: Warriors Orochi 3 (PS3)

Coming hot off the heels of my review of Dynasty Warriors Next for PlayStation Vita, I thought I knew exactly what to expect more…

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Star Wars: Battlefront Files Found on RE: Operation Raccoon City’s Disc

Now, before you jump to conclusions or get confused as to why one game’s files can be found in another, bear in mind that Slant more…

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Worms: Revolution Has Been Announced

Team 17 announced yesterday that a new Worms title will be released this year. Titled Worms: Revolution, the game is set to be more…

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Bungie Lets Halo Players Know How Violent They Are

As Bungie bows out of the Halo universe and on to new adventures, they leave the gamers with an enjoyable stats page. Tons more…

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Warren Spector Not Ready for Next-Gen Consoles

  Whether you’re ready for it or not, the next generation of consoles is on the way.  With rumors swirling about the more…

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RipTen Review: FIFA Street (PS3)

FIFA Street is the latest in EA’s series of scaled-down football titles- differentiated from the main series by the “Street” more…

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Capcom’s Belief: “There’s No Difference Between DLC and Locked-Disc Content”

The trouble began when it was discovered that there were 12 locked characters in Capcom’s recently released Street Fighter X more…

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New Video Game Releases: April 3 – April 9

Two quiet weeks in a row? Inconceivable. Ubisoft’s I Am Alive comes to PlayStation Network and there are a bunch of more…

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Fans Send 400 Cupcakes to BioWare to “Protest” ME3’s Ending, BioWare Sends Cupcakes to Charity

UPDATE: It seems the cupcakes have arrived in BioWare’s office. Fuss Cupcakes themselves sent pictures of the multi-colored more…

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Rebellion’s Sniper Elite V2 Targeting a Different Type of Shooter Fan (Hands On)

When I think of snipers in contemporary video games, I picture the guys with backward baseball caps, running around Call of more…