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The Real HD DMC4 Console Comparison: Motion Blur In PS3 Version *Update*

Any differences shown in screenshot comparisons can lead the uninformed to tout one version as superior to the other. This is more…

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Devil May Cry 4 Hands-On Demo Impressions (Xbox 360)

After about an hour of repeatedly playing the just-released demo of Devil May Cry 4, I’ve found myself effectively shot in more…

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Mocking of Mass Effect Avenged by Clever Use of Internet

Head Computer, dial up the internet. I have an idea. If there is one lesson the internet has taught us, it is that you more…

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Grand Theft Auto IV — Polished and Prepped for a Spring Release *Update – Release Confirmed!*

Niko’s aiming for Spring — brown is supposed to be in this season. Rockstar’s golden hooker, Grand Theft Auto, was supposed more…

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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Demo Impressions

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty does a lot of things right, but misses the mark where it counts. more…

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Ubisoft Financials and a Semi-Confirmed New Game

The scores are in and it looks like Ubisoft is makin’ the big bucks. The number crunchers over at the Ubisoft have released more…

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Updated Unreal Engine 3 Demo at GDC ’08

Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 has an almost unending list of clientèle, from Epic’s own Gears of War, to 2K Boston’s critical more…

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Turok Xbox 360 Demo Impressions

So just how hard is it to screw up a game about stabbing dinosaurs? Not that hard, apparently. more…

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A Solder’s Balls: 360 Red Ring of Death’s Possible Explanation

The mysterious Red Ring of Death has perplexed many Xbox 360 owners. What evil magic causes the system to overheat and crap more…

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DMC4 Demo This Thursday…In Japan and US! *Update*

Want to get your mits on a Devil May Cry 4 demo as soon as possible and don’t care what language it’s in? Get your Japan more…

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Ninja Gaiden II Probably NOT Coming to PS3… Or Is It?

I’m sure this is not what you were hoping for. According to the February issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, it’s a definite more…

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Master Chief Eats Soap – CoD4 Takes Top Spot on Xbox Live

Major Nelson posted the LIVE activity for the week of January 14th, and guess what took the top spot? Well, I guess I already more…

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Xbox 360 Is King Of The Consoles – Microsoft’s Spin On NPD Data

See, it’s not all doom and gloom for the 360 after all! According to the NPD Group’s data, Microsoft is leading the more…

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Cheers! Undertow is Your Free Xbox Live Game

Undertow is officially Microsoft’s sacrificial lamb, offered up to all the players who suffered through the recent Xbox Live more…

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Carmen Electra and Shannon Elizabeth Sex Up Next Leisure Suit Larry Game

Two of Hollywood’s hottest hotties are set to star in the next Leisure Suit Larry game, Box Office Bust. If you don’t know more…