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NASA Wants Gaming Experts and Journos To Review Futuristic 3-D Space Game

Video game “experts” and journalists alike can finally realize their dream of “making it big.” I’m not talking about a more…

pizza cone
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PizzaCone: Perfect Snack For Gamers On The Run

What gamer doesn’t like pizza? It’s been a staple at LAN parties and Halo Tournaments since…well forever, really. It’s even more…

steam sale day 5
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Steam Sale Day 5: Oddworld, Tales of Monkey Island, Dogfighter, and More

Today’s set of Steam deals has been revealed, Oddworld, Tales of Monkey Island, Dogfighter, and a handful more. The more…

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Sub-Zero Goatee Groomer, FINISH TRIM!!

Get it? “Finish trim” sounds just like fin… aww nevermind. Seriously though, is it that difficult to groom a goatee that you more…

RRoD Target
Target Store Logo Red Rings (Image)

I now know where I’m NOT going to be buying an Xbox 360. This Target is giving off a more-than-subtle hint to any gamer worth more…

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No Shit News: EA Explains Online Pass Ten Dollar Trade-In Penalty As Business Model

By now every game is probably familiar with what is mentioned in the title of this article — specifically, that if you buy a more…

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TrueAchievements Tracks Achievements for Real Gamers

If you’re a stats person like me, your GamerScore is pretty important. I’m always comparing myself against my friends and more…

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Play Rock, Paper, Scissors with Monkeys, Pirates, Robots, Ninjas, and Zombies!

Monkey! Pirate! Robot! Ninja! Zombie!! Okay, now that I’ve got your attention (and I’m sure I do after that), I’m not more…

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Star Wars Fashion: Runway Models Nerds Can Relate To

Ever wonder what you should wear to a classy event? Want to send the right vibes, but need some advice? We’ve all been there, more…

geeked-out bag
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Space Invaders Messanger Bag, for Those Times you Actually Leave the House

Thinkgeek have rolled out a new line of messenger bags with a Space Invaders design- perfect for that one day a year when you more…

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Get to da Choppah! Video Counts Helicopters in Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer

Call of Helicopters, an innovative and useful gaming blog, has released a video analysing the helicopter density of the Call of more…

steam day 3
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Steam Sale Day 3: Zeno Clash, Company of Heroes, Left 4 Dead 2, and More

Today’s steam deals have been revealed, with big discounts on nine more games including City of Heroes, Company of Heroes, more…

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Girlfriend Deletes Boyfriend’s Level 80 WoW Characters Before Raid (Video)

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a steaming pile of poop trying to pass itself off as an “authentic look at uncensored anger,” more…

steam sale day 2
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Steam sale Day 2: Ghostbusters, AvP Classic, Resident Evil 5 and More

Steam has updated, and today’s deals have been revealed. The deals set to run for the whole week continue to run, and a new more…

Misc, News’s Top Five Online Video Game Questions Released

The popular question and answer site,, recently went through their database to find questions related to video more…