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What to Do This Week: iOS

Each week on WTD, I try to find you something special to keep you entertained through the weekend. This weekend, you’ll be more…

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Geeked-Out: PowerA Star Wars iPhone Cases

We had the chance to see most of PowerA’s lineup of controllers, Skylanders storage and gaming accessories at E3. One set of more…

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The World’s First Remote-Controlled Robotic Ball is Now Available for iOS and Android

With smartphones slowly taking over our daily lives, there is that struggle to introduce unique features and applications that more…

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted Crashes Two Great Racing Games into One (Preview)

Though strangely named identically to the 2005 release in the franchise, Need for Speed: Most Wanted looks to change things more…

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What To Do This Week: Android

This week we go board gaming. There is one change happening in WTD and it has to do with the amount of content we shove in your more…

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What To Do This Week: iOS

This week on WTD we will be discussing one game. The change is because I am not able to tear through each of these games and more…

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RipTen Review: Monster Paradise (iOS)

As the free-to-play market grows, it’s no surprise that titles like Monster Paradise from Aeria Games are popping up in the more…

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What To Do This Week: Android

This week on WTD Android – we look at games? See, a week off and nothing changes. Magic Portals ($.99) The wizard more…

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What To Do This Week: iOS

Last week we took a little breather from WTD and this week we get right back on the choo-choo. To start we are going to get more…

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E3 2012: PowerA’s MOGA Android Gamepad Gives Mobile Gamers Something to Smile About

Prior to E3, I had been aware of PowerA’s products (largely because of their attempts to help me wrangle my… kids’ more…

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E3 2012: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Gathers New Players to the Magic Franchise

Surprise, surprise guys, yours truly is writing about Magic again. This time I was fortunate enough to preview a demo build more…

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What to Do This Week: Android

This week is a flash from the past week. Only two titles are on offer, but really, with these, who cares. Get on em, spend the more…

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What to Do This Week: iOS

Mish mash of fun this week, and we start by getting a little messy and creative. I’m a huge fan of free form puzzles and the more…

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RipTen Mini Review: Circus Atari (iOS)

It seems that everyone is trying to capture lightning in a mobile bottle these days. With the overwhelming success of games more…

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Does DigitalHarmony’s Chin Up Go Too Far For a Laugh?

How far is too far? As someone who has seen every episode of South Park, I’m not offended by much. I manage to see through more…