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Sony Scores Exclusive DLC for Mirror’s Edge

PS3 finally gets some exclusive DLC TLC.  Sony has entered into an “exclusive marketing agreement” with Mirror’s Edge more…

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Bambi Shall Have His Revenge in WotLK

Any World of WarCraft player worth his carbon knows that their game of choice is filled to the brim with pop culture more…

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Xbox 360 Now Cheaper Than Wii In Japan

In a bid to undercut Nintendo’s Wii in Japan, Microsoft plans to slash the price of the Xbox 360 by almost 30%. more…

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Sheet Music Hints at Killer Instinct 3?

A supposed piece of sheet music titled “Killer Instinct 3 – Main Title” has surfaced on the web. The site fueling the rumor, more…

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PlayStation Home Beta Out Today? Depends on Who You Ask

A member of the Official Sony PlayStation message board got tired of waiting for his invite to the Home Beta (originally more…

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New Game Releases: 9/1-9/7

Labor Day week officially starts off the fall gaming season with some high anticipated releases such as FaceBreaker, Infinite more…

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Final Fantasy XIII Demo To Be Sold Separately?

August kicked off with news straight out of Square-Enix’s DKΣ3713 event that a 90 minute FFXIII demo would be included in more…

Molyneux: Fable II Is A “9 Out of 10”

Aren’t developers supposed to be the arch enemies of the review score system, railing at their gross inadequacy to whittle more…

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Paintballs Show the True Power of the GPU

Computer graphic pimps Nvidia, makers of all things GeForce, recently held their own little tradeshow dubbed “Nvision”. During more…

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John McCain’s VP Pick Is… Lara Croft?

Think of electioneering as a real-time strategy game. You make your moves at the same time as your opponent, and in the end more…

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Street Fighter IV Hits US Arcades, Canada Too

Kotaku is reporting the great news that Street Fighter IV has finally hit North American arcades. If you’re lucky enough, more…

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Gears 2 Ending Will Satisfy While Leaving Room For Expansion, In Other News Money Is Good

Joystiq’s Dustin Burg is reporting that lead Gears of War 2 scribe, Josh Ortega, promises that the highly anticipated sequel more…

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PAX 08: Day One Notes

PAX has begun, and with it has stirred the communal gamer vibe that continues to make it the gamer event of the year. The more…

Square Enix Worried About Japanese Gaming Biz, Eyes Up Tecmo

Square Enix has confirmed it has approached Tecmo’s board to make a friendly takeover – and it’s doing it for the good more…

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Gamestop Cancels Ghostbusters Pre-orders

When Activision and Blizzard merged not too long ago, certain games were in danger of being canned. One of these games was more…