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Xbox 360 Review: Too Human (Too Hyped)

Editors Note: In the process of reevaluating our review standards, the Ripten editorial team has agreed upon a no syndication more…

Team Fortress 2 Updates Coming For 360 This Year, Won’t Be Free

It’s kind of hard to argue with the popular belief that the console versions of TF2 are massively inferior to the PC one. more…

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Fracture Multiplayer Video Walkthrough With Commentary by CliffyB in Twenty Years

New Fracture Multiplayer footage surfaced in the form of a walkthrough. I tried really hard to watch it, and focus only on more…

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New Video Game Headset Reads Your Mind – Robot Apocalypse: Day 1

If you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of waiting for the bleak robot dystopia outlined in films like Terminator and The more…

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GC 08: Alison Carroll (aka: The New Lara Croft) Spotted At Leipzig Convention

The new face of Lara Croft, 23 year old Alison Carroll, has been spotted making her rounds at Leipzig. Can you tell which one more…

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Legend of Neil: Episode 5 (NSFW)

If you are new to the web series titles “Legend of Neil”, it is based off of exactly what you think it is based off of — The more…

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EA Sports Responds to Tiger Woods Glitching “Jesus Shot”, Proof Tiger Walks On Water

The more I see, the more I believe. When I spoke to an EA/Tiburon employee at this years E3, he told me that the company was more…

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Madden Curses House of Worship: Wisconsin Church Expresses Anger Over Favre Exit

If ever you wanted proof that Brett Favre was considered a God in GreenBay, this has got to be it. What seemed like a lock to more…

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Buckets + Wood + Mesh = Awesome DIY Rock Band Drum Kit

When most people get stuck with something they don’t like, they just sit in their own filth and complain about it. Some people, more…

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NaturalMotion to Showcase Morpheme 2.0 and Backbreaker Game at NVISION 08

I have been a big fan of NaturalMotion and their animation technology ever since rumor’s surfaced about the company’s more…

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GC 08: SOCOM Confrontation Booth Employs the Use of Sandbags

The Socom Confrontation booth at E3 consisted of — well, it didn’t exist. It was a single kiosk surrounded by several others more…

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Blizzard Unveils Wrath of the Lich King Opening Cinematic – Father’s Love Not Enough

This well done cinematic is a prime example of what sets Blizzard apart from all others in the highly lucrative MMO more…

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USA Sweeps Pokémon World Championships — Proof We are the Biggest Dorks on the Planet

The 2008 Pokémon World Championships took place this past weekend, along with the first-ever Video Game Showdown. Over 400 more…

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NHL 09 Demo on PSN Now, XBL Hockey Fans On Ice Till Early September

If you are a hockey fan, and you own a PS3, you can boot up right now and download the EA Sports NHL 09 demo. Xbox 360 owners more…

The Force Unleashed
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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Demo Available Now on XBL, Later Today on PSN

Just a heads up for you Star Wars fans, the demo for LucasArts latest Jedi combat game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, is up more…