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Blizzard To Unveil Lich King Opening Cinematic at Leipzig Games Convention 2008

Anyone who has played a Blizzard game knows that one of their most signature features are their masterful cinematics. more…

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New Game Releases: 8/18 – 8/24

After ten years in the making and jumps from the PS One and Gamecube to the Xbox 360, Too Human is finally coming out this more…

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Keiji Inafune Mega Man Sketch Contest

I wanted to get an update out to everyone who entered the Mega Man sketch contest. We will be reviewing the entries made more…

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Xbox 360 Review: Top Spin 3

The most recent foray into simulated ball-smacking is 2K Sports’ Top Spin 3. Claiming to be an evolution over Top Spin 2 (a more…

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The Life and Times of Too Human

When Too Human comes out this Tuesday, it will mark the end of nearly ten years of development for one of the most beleaguered more…

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Moon Trailer: Like Dementium, But In Space

A year ago we previewed and reviewed Dementium: The Ward, a dark and spooky FPS for the DS that ended up being, well, not so more…

Get it? Because he's a too- ah, forget it.
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Parents Let Kid Drop Out Of School to Become a Guitar Hero

Might wanna soften up your palms, because they’re about to hit your face at record speed. Blake Peebles, a sixteen-year-old more…

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Valkyria Chronicles Hits Stateside November 11

Sega’s PS3 exclusive Valkyria Chronicles looks good. It looks really good. Alternate WWII-timeline, elegant painterly more…

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Capcom: Our TGS “Ace” Will Pucker Your Balls

When speaking to Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft, Ben Judd, Capcom’s Producer of all things Bionic Commando, claimed that: “We more…

In space, no one can hear you go "OMG AWESOME"
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New Jumpgate Evolution Trailer

If, like me, you are looking forward to the brand new space-based, real-time-combat-using, better-than-WoW, totally-awesome more…

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Final Fantasy XIII Demo Over Two Hours Long

The latest issue of Famitsu is all about the recent Square Enix DKS3713 event, and according to reports, the Playstation 3 more…

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A New Challenger Appears! Akuma Confirmed for Braw- Er, Street Fighter IV

Long time fans of Super Street Fighter II Turbo (and the Street Fighter Alpha series) will be pleased to know that today, more…

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First Screenshots of Batman: Arkham Asylum

It seems there’s a trend lately in the industry- whenever a company announces a game, you can bet that they will probably more…

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Retro Refueling: Capcom Makes Mega Man 9 Energy Tank Drink

In Asia they take their food and drink merchandising strategies seriously. Pop star-branded Pringles, Final Fantasy soda, you more…

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Rockstar Games Announces Japanese Grand Theft Auto IV Release Date

On October 30, 2008, the land of the rising sun will be treated to a fictional Bosnian with a blazing gun. In other words, more…